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Allurez Watch Brand Service &Warranty Information

Please be sure to completely fill in and mail the accompanying registration stub within ten days of your purchase to validate your warranty. We also recommend that you retain your original sales slip as a further safeguard.

Do not attempt to open the watch to replace the battery yourself, or for any other reason, as this operation must be performed by a qualified jeweler under strict conditions in a dust-free environment.

Do not attempt to wind the watch manually, as it is battery operated (except watches marked 17J or 25J, or Auto-Quartz), and does not require winding.

Watches which are marked either 17 Jewels or 25 Jewels are self-winding mechanical timepieces, which have no batteries. It is important to note that all mechanical watches contain many moving parts which can be easily damaged if the watch is dropped or subject to any kind of physical jolt or a strong magnetic field. Please handle your watch carefully as the warranty does not cover such damage.

Do not expose your watch to water unless it is marked WATER RESISTANT on the case back.

Keep the crown fully depressed, as in the outer position the watch will not run.

Always have crown, crystal, or case back replaced immediately if damaged to prevent exposure to dust or humidity.

Warranty Information

Three Year Limited Warranty

Your timepiece is warranted for three years from the date of purchase, against failures due to defective materials or workmanship, under normal use. During this three year period, we will repair such defects, free of charge (except the fee for mailing and handling), provided that the timepiece has been used and operated in accordance with the instruction in this booklet.

Unlike quartz analog watches, the 17J or 25J self-winding mechanical watches require maintenance at least once every two years, to oil and clean the mechanism. This warranty specifically excludes repairs to 17J or 25J self-winding watches which are due to failure to maintain, or due to damage resulting from shock (dropping the watch) or exposure to a strong magnetic field.

This warranty does not cover the free repair or replacement of cases, batteries, watchbands, straps, dials, crowns, clasps, or crystals, etc., since such items are subject to the wear and tear of daily use. The warranty is void if the watch has been tampered with, abused, exposed to moisture (for watches which are not marked water-resistant) or subjected to extreme conditions for which it was not designed, or if other than factory genuine parts have been used.


Servicing Information

Battery Replacement

Your watch is powered by a 1.5 volt silver oxide battery or a 3 volt lithium battery (except Auto-Quartz or Self-Winding mechanical watches). When the battery is exhausted, your watch will stop. Be sure to replace the battery immediately with a qualified jeweler or our factory service center, as a dead battery may eventually leak and damage your watch. Under no circumstances should you attempt to replace the battery yourself.

Factory Service

Should your watch require servicing during the warranty period or thereafter, follow these instructions carefully:

Send your watch to Time Service International, carefully packed and fully insured with your warranty booklet.

Do not mail back the gift box, as we cannot return it.

Include a brief note describing the problem.

Print all complaints and your full return address very clearly.

nclude a certified check or money order for $20.00 ($35.00 for international destinations including Canada and Mexico) for return postage and insurance. If your watch is of higher value, additional charges may apply to cover the necessary insurance.

Do not send personal checks or cash.

Out of Warranty Service

An estimate will be submitted for your approval for any labor or parts not covered by this warranty, before any work is performed. Follow the same procedures for OUT OF WARRANTY SERVICE as you would for FACTORY SERVICE.