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Diamond Buying GuideDiamond Color

Diamonds are valued by how colorless they are; therefore the less color a diamond has the higher its value will be when graded. However fancy-color diamonds (such as pink and black diamonds) are an exception to this rule and are not graded on this scale. A color grade of D is the highest rating possible, while Z is the lowest rating possible. Each letter grade has a specific range of color appearance assigned to it. Use the diamond guide below and learn some userful jewelry tips.

Clarity Measurement:

D: Completely Colorless. The highest color grade possible. Extremely rare and valuable.
E-F: Colorless. Minuscule traces of color can be detected under a microscope. Rare.
G-H: Near Colorless. Color difficult to detect unless a side-by-side comparison is done against diamonds with better grades. Exceptional value
I-J: Near Colorless. There may be a slightly detectable warmth or tone. An excellent value.
K, L, M: Noticeable color. May have slight hints of yellow or brown. Not recommended for diamond engagement rings, and large sized diamonds.
N-R: Very Light Yellow or brownish color, which could be seen with the naked eye.
S -Z: Light Yellow or brownish tint. Tint visible to the naked eye, even when mounted.
  • D
  • E
  • F
  • G
  • H
  • I
  • J
  • K-M
  • N-Z

After cut, a diamond’s color is considered the second most important characteristic in the diamond selection process. This is true because the human eye detects a diamond’s sparkle first and color second. It is also important to understand that as diamond size increases the color becomes more noticeable.

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