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Loose Diamonds


A grade given to the external finish of a stone. The polish grades range from poor to excellent. Good polish is crucial for maximum brilliance of a diamond.

Table %

This refers to the large flat facet on the top a diamond. If the table facet (the polished flat surface on a diamond) is too large or too small, it will often indicate poor proportions overall, which will affect a diamond's brilliance.

The table percentage is derived by dividing the width of the table by the diameter of the gemstone.


Symmetry refers to the exactness of the shape and arrangement of facets (which are the polished flat surfaces on a diamond).

Symmetry grades include: extremely poor, very poor, poor, fair, good, very good, and excellent.

Few diamonds are available with excellent or very good symmetry, and diamonds with poor to extremely poor symmetry should be avoided. This is an important indicator of the quality of a diamond’s cut.


This refers to the height of a diamond or gemstone (measured from the culet at the very bottom to the large table facet on the top divided by the width of the diamond or gemstone).


A bluish glow that originates from certain diamonds when exposed to high ultraviolet lighting conditions.

Most experts indicate that a diamonds florescence does not affect its appearance, however, the market prices them differently.

Therefore, diamonds with strong fluorescence are of better value, because they are less expensive than those with faint or negligible fluorescence.

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Our easy to use search is a great way to specify the exact traits you are looking for so that you can buy loose diamonds quickly and easily. Whether you are looking to create the perfect engagement ring, or simply want to design an elegant accessory, you will find the perfect stone for your taste and budget. You can save money by finding your own diamond, rather than simply going with whatever a retailer shows you. In addition, you will be better prepared to create jewelry of your own design that will match your vision perfectly.

There are many factors that can help narrow down the list of potential diamonds for you. The most immediate and likely most important trait for most people is carat. This is the weight of the stone on a scale, and is the main contributing factor in its overall size. Sorting by your ideal carat and price will help you find a great starting point for your search. From there, you can decide what other qualities you are most interested in.

The cut of a particular stone largely refers to its ability to reflect light and give off that signature shine we all love. A better cut grade will signify a diamond that has better proportions and finish and will be more luminous. Color is a grade scale that varies between completely colorless and a distinct yellow. Stones that are truly completely colorless are very rare, and very expensive as well. Find a balance between the color you want and the price you are willing to pay, as stones will go up in price the closer they are to colorless. Clarity is the last major trait to help narrow down your search. This refers to imperfections or markings in the stone that could reduce its brilliance. Grades range from flawless (FL), which means they have zero imperfections, to included (I1) and slightly included (S1-3). The closer to perfect a diamond is, the more it will cost! Most people will want a stone that looks clean to the naked eye, but moving closer to flawless will drive the price up quickly.

Figuring out exactly what you are looking for can be daunting. Decide what aspect of the stone is most important to you and start from there. Some people want the largest they can afford, others want the most brilliant. By setting your budget and the traits you need the most, you will find a variety of options that are sure to please. Buying loose diamonds does not have to be difficult, we can help you get the perfect for you today!