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Stone Reset

Stone Reset by Allurez is the perfect way to transform your old settings or stones into stunning new jewelry designs.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Can I use my existing setting for a new stone?

It is possible to use an existing setting for a new stone. However, there are several factors that affect whether or not an old setting can be reused. Most importantly, a jeweler will assess the quality of the prongs in the setting. If any are broken or worn down, the setting will not be strong enough to hold a new stone. In addition, the size and cut of the new stone need to be similar to the original. A stone that is much larger or smaller will not fit in the existing setting. If you are considering refitting an existing jewelry setting with a new stone, always consult a professional jeweler to learn the best option for your piece.

Why should I consider resetting my stone jewelry?

Resetting stone jewelry is an excellent way to breathe new life into old pieces. Trends and styles change often in jewelry. Resetting a stone gives you the option to change the type of metal, alter the stone layout, and upgrade the quality of your jewelry. In addition, if your jewelry is broken or missing prongs, opting for a reset can restore the piece to its original beauty. You should consider resetting your stone jewelry if you want to refurbish a sentimental piece, change the style or design of old jewelry, or level up to a large gemstone.

Will resetting my stone affect the value of my jewelry?

Resetting your stone can increase the value of your jewelry. For example, if your existing stone is low-quality or damaged, swapping it for a higher-quality and flawless gem will increase the value of the piece. Conversely, if your stone was vintage or highly appraised, replacing it may decrease the value of your jewelry. Get your jewelry assessed by a professional jewelry or gemologist before deciding to reset your stone. It is also recommended to keep documentation for every repair or change so those costs can be accounted for in a reappraisal.

Should I use a professional jeweler to reset stones?

It is advisable to use a professional jeweler to reset stones. There are several reasons why employing a pro can impact the final results of your jewelry reset. First, jewelers will give you a definite and honest assessment of the compatibility of an existing setting or stone with the new elements you want to incorporate. In addition, professional jewelers usually offer a guarantee with their work. As a result, the reset will be carefully executed and designed to last. Finally, professional jewelers can give appraisal estimates before and after you reset stones so that you can decide confidently and with your best interests in mind. They will provide documentation on the work completed, making a reappraisal by an insurer more accurate.

How do I pick a new setting for old jewelry?

The first step in picking a new setting for old jewelry is to consult with a trusted jeweler. They will assess the value of the original setting and recommend which elements you may want to keep for authenticity. When meeting with the jeweler, resetting your old jewelry determines what you want the new piece to look like. Identify the type and color of metal you want the new setting in. Bringing inspirational photos of jewelry pieces you like will help the jeweler meet your goals. Finally, setting a budget for resetting your old jewelry is important.

Can any type of jewelry be reset?

Most jewelry with gemstones can be reset. The most common pieces that undergo restoration are fine jewelry rings and earrings. There are several factors that determine whether jewelry can be reset, including the condition of the original piece and the complexity of the design changes. Choosing similarly cut stones of the same size is the easiest way to ensure a new setting is possible. High-quality jewelry makes the best candidates for restoration. The goal of a new setting is to improve the value and style of a piece.

How do you reset gemstones?

Resetting gemstones is a delicate and highly skilled process. First, the jewelry piece is evaluated and appraised. Any damage is noted so that it can be fixed during the restoration process. Then, the jeweler will collaborate with you to come up with a new design. Once a reset plan is established, the gemstone is removed. Updates are made to the setting and design of the jewelry. The original gemstone is fixed into the new setting, or an alternate gem is added. Finally, the jeweler does a quality control check to ensure the gemstone is secure and the final documentation is completed and signed.

Is it worth it to reset old jewelry?

Resetting old jewelry is an excellent way to extend the life of a family heirloom, antique, or sentimental piece. Before starting the process, have a professional jeweler or gemologist appraise your jewelry to ensure there is enough value in the piece to warrant a reset. Overall, resetting a piece of old jewelry is the perfect way to breathe new life into engagement rings, rings, earrings, or necklaces that would have otherwise sat unworn in a jewelry box. Resetting old jewelry is also a great way to renew a piece to the preferences of a new owner when regifting or passing down vintage jewels.


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