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Moissanite Buying Guide

Moissanite Buying Guide Learn more about moissanite. The near-colorless jewel that creates more dazzle & sparkle than any other jewel on earth. Discover why Moissanite is an exceptional stone used in engagement rings and fine jewelry in the place of diamonds and other near-colorless stones.
What is Moissanite

Moissanite is both rare and brilliant. Its unique qualities make it an incomparable gem, described as similar to diamonds in appearance, and brighter than any other gemstone.

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Moissanite Vs. Diamonds

Since moissanite crystals are so rare, they are exclusively used in the creation of man-made jewels, created to share their unparalleled brilliance. Not only do they cost less than diamonds, moissanite’s fire-like brilliance is beyond compare.

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The Four C’s of Moissanite

Cut, clarity, color and carat. These four c’s of moissanite are used by experienced GIA gemologists who examine every moissanite gem for its quality and durability in every category. Only stones that pass rigorous quality standards are used in the making of its fine jewelry.

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Moissanite Shapes

Like diamonds, moissanites are created in a number of traditional and contemporary styles. Although round brilliant shapes appear to be the front runner for moissanite engagement rings; squares, ovals, trillions, castle shapes and others aren’t far behind.

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Forever BrilliantTM

Only the Forever Brilliant moissanite collection has more brilliance and blazing light than conventional moissanite. It is one-tenth the price of a comparable diamond with more refraction, fire, and brightness than any natural stone in its category.

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