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Sapphire engagement rings meaning

What is the meaning of sapphire engagement rings? Faithfulness, sincerity, devotion, these words signify the importance of marriage as does a sapphire engagement ring. A Sapphire stone is filled with meaning, making them an excellent choice for an engagement ring. It’s a beautiful precious gem to consider when the moment is right. Read this sapphire engagement ring buying guide to learn more:

The rich symbolism of a Sapphire gemstone can be interpreted through its brilliant blue color. The color blue is associated with feelings of sympathy, loyalty, and friendship. Blue was also a color worn by priests to show their connection with the heavens. With a Sapphire ring the beginning of your future would start with commitment. Not limited to blue, sapphire stones also come in different colored gemstones such as pink sapphires and purple sapphires.

The sapphire is the contemporary September birthstone. It is the symbol of Saturn and Venus and also associated with the astrological signs of Aquarius, Virgo, Libra and Capricorn. This precious gemstone is thought to contribute to mental clarity and promote financial gain. It is also symbolic for a devotion to God. Made of an aluminum oxide known as corundum, sapphires are the hardest natural mineral after diamonds.

What a better way to show your love then through a brilliant sapphire gem stone. There is no surprise that these beautiful unique and elegant sapphire gems are a popular choice. Sapphire ring are becoming the most popular because of its meaning to devote oneself. Using sapphire stones in an engagement ring is not an upcoming trend but rather a known commodity. Prince Charles promised his love and devotion to the then Lady Diana with a large sapphire as the center stone. Prince William also used the sapphire stone to propose to Kate Middleton.

Entrusting an engagement ring with promise to love is best done with a sapphire ring. Enriched with grace and elegance a sapphire stone enhances the beauty of its bride to be.

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