Jewelry Buying Guide: Jewelry Finishes

Jewelry Buying Guide Jewelry Finishes

Selecting a finish for your ring is all about personal taste and the style you like the most. Below we have some helpful information for you to learn about what each finish is and the look that it will give you. Whether you are seeking a classic, plain, simple look or a contemporary and unique look, we have the right finish for you. This jewelry education section will serve as a buying guide.

High Polish/Shiny Finish

What is a high polish finish? All jewelry is polished to some extent in order to remove the rough surfaces which are formed in the manufacturing process. High polished can be best described as having a mirror-like finish and it is by far the most common and popular type of finish. A high polish finish is best suited for someone who likes a classic, simple, highly reflective and shiny look.

Satin Finish

What is a satin finish? A satin finish makes the ring feel very smooth, similar to a polished finish. It is also brushed and you can see the lines. What is the difference between a satin finish and a polished finished? Unlike polished finishes, you will not be able to see your reflection on the surface of the ring with a satin finish. A satin finish is preferred by people who like the smoothness of a polished finish ring, but do not want the shininess.

Matt Finish

What is a matt finish? A matt finish gives off a brushed look with a smooth surface. It will give the ring a non-reflective look. The metal has been polished, but not to a mirror-like finish like in high polish finishes. The effect is often achieved by abrading the surface with fine materials after polishing.

What is the difference between a matt finish and a satin finish? People often get the two confused and think that they are interchangeable when they are not. A matt finish has no lines or marks, leaving the ring with a smooth surface. Whereas a satin finish leaves lines or marks that you can see, making your ring stand out. A matt finish will also leave the ring with a dull shine, while a satin finish will give the metal a softer shine.

Hammered Finish

What is a hammered finished? A hammered finish can be either polished or matte and focuses on the texture of the metal. A hammered finish will appear as though the band has taken several hits of a hammer that have left behind a dented design throughout the band.

Stone Finish

What is a stone finish? A stone finish has grooved, polished edges and a slightly domed center. It gives off a unique, stone like, textured look. It will show less wear and tear and most scratches will not be easily seen. A stone finish is ideal for a person who wants something that is different from a plain and simple ring. Stone finishes will also be good if you might be rough on the ring and bang it around from time and time and if you work with your hands a lot.

Allurez can customize almost all wedding bands with a finish type that is tailored exactly to your liking. We take pleasure in making sure that you are absolutely satisfied. Simply select the finish type that you like from the listing page of the wedding band.

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