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Moissanite jewels have their own grading system. Similar to the four c’s of diamonds, moissanite is graded by cut, clarity, color and carat. Every moissanite gem is examined for color and inclusions by experienced GIA gemologists.



As a hand-faceted jewel, Moissanite is cut specifically to maximize its brilliance and create the most fire. Only master gem cutters are used to create moissanite.



Most moissanite is near colorless, with some having undertones of green, yellow and gray. A premium quality moissanite, available only by the Forever Brilliant moissanite is up to four grades whiter, enhancing both its brightness and brilliance.


Carat Size

Moissanite is usually sold by size rather than weight. For instance, a 6.5mm moissanite will perfectly fit a setting that holds a one carat diamonds which will actually weight 0.88 carats



During the growing process of moissanite, small inclusions can occur. Only moissanite stones that pass stringent quality standards even make it to market.

Very Good (VG) Moissanite Clarity

The majority of moissanite jewels used in jewelry are of very good (VG) quality. These quality moissanite stones are eye-clean with very slight inclusions including tiny micro-pipes and faint crystals or feathers. These minute flaws cannot be seen by the un-aided eye. Even experienced graders have great effort finding inclusions under 10x magnification. In addition, VG moissanite gemstones have very minimal impact on light refraction. Very good quality moissanite gemstones add fire and light to any setting.

Good (G1) Moissanite Clarity

Good quality moissanite is available to private label companies. Not used in Allurez moissanite jewelry, G1 rated moissanite is also eye-clean, but features inclusions that are more easily seen by graders under 10x magnification.