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Moissanite Types

Moissanite Types

Allurez has chosen four premier brands of sparkling moissanite gemstones for our customers to choose from: Charles & Colvard's Forever One Colorless and Forever One Near Colorless, Pure Light colorless, and True Light near colorless. Each brand offers a dazzling selection of stones in a variety of expertly cut shapes and sizes.

Forever One Colorless

A brilliant pairing of beauty and excellence, Forever One Colorless is Charles & Colvard's premium brand of moissanite gemstones distinguished by their intense sparkle, clarity, and unsurpassed colorless quality comparable to a D-E-F grading.

Forever One Near Colorless

Charles & Colvard's second grade line, Forever One Near Colorless, boasts the same brilliance as its D-E-F quality moissanite line in icy-hued, near colorless gemstones that represent a color comparable to a G-H-I grading.

Pure Light Colorless

Acclaimed for their outstanding beauty, sparkle and durability, the Pure Light moissanite gemstones tones offered in this selection feature a dazzling reflective brilliance as well as a colorless quality comparable to a D-E-F grading.

True Light Near Colorless

Celebrated for their impressive combination of dazzling beauty and excellent value, True Light moissanite gemstones are well cut and near colorless, representing a color comparable to G-H-I grading.


Due to a unique faceting pattern, moissanite exhibits a different type of brilliance than diamonds, reflecting and refracting light with a radiance that makes the gemstone an ideal alternative for engagement rings or wedding bands.


With a light dispersion rate 2.4 times higher than a diamond and a refractive index from 2.65 to 2.69 (also higher than a diamond), moissanite bends light into beautiful rainbow flashes of fire more than twice as much as diamonds.


Moissanite has a hardness score of 9.25 — second only to diamonds — and is resistant to scratching, abrasion, heat, breaking and chipping, making it more durable than most any other gemstone and suitable for everyday wear.


Brilliant moissanite is created through a man-made process that is conflict free with minimal environmental impact. By choosing to wear moisannite, you are choosing a gemstone that is sustainable, ethically made and eco-friendly.


Sparkling moissanite costs only a fraction of the price of a diamond of comparable quality and is considered both a brilliant choice and an excellent value. Moissanite gemstones vary in price based on size and grade.

Outstanding Quality

The premier brands of Charles & Colvard and Quality Gold both offer superior quality moissanite gemstones produced to exacting specifications. Each comes with a Certificate of Authenticity and a Limited Lifetime Warranty.