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Gemstone Buying GuideGemstone Color

Color is the most defining characteristic of a gemstone. Gemstones come in many different colors and shades. Almost all gems are enhanced to improve their coloration, a treatment that has become accepted in the fine jewelry industry. When it comes to evaluating a gem’s color, the purity of the hue, the depth of its tone, and its color saturation are the most important characteristics to consider. Learn more about gemstone color below.


Hue refers to a gemstone’s basic color and the inclusion of other colors. The purer the color, and the less hint of other colors that the gemstone has, the more valuable it is, as are all gemstones carried by Allurez. For example, a blue sapphire that is pure blue is more valuable than a blue sapphire with a green tint to it.


A representation of the depth of a gemstone’s color, tone ranges from colorless to black. The terms used by a jeweler to describe tone are: “light,” “medium light,” “medium,” “medium dark,” and “dark.”


Saturation measures the intensity of a gem’s color. A stone that is free of muting tones such as gray or brown will have a more intense natural color and would be considered to have strong saturation. Allurez.com carries a wide selection of gorgeous gemstone jewelry in an assortment of colors.