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Gemstone Buying Guide: Gemstone Enhancements Education

Treating colored gemstones to enhance their natural beauty is a common practice and nearly all gems sold by fine jewelry stores, including those sold by Allurez Jewelers. Jewelry gemstone enhancements include any treatment, other than cutting or polishing, that improves a gem’s beauty.

Some of the enhancements made to gemstones are mentioned below:
Bleaching: the use of chemicals to lighten or enhance color consistency.

Coating: the use of surface enhancements such as lacquering, enameling, inking, or foiling to improve appearance and provide color.

Heat treatment: the application of heat to enhance a gemstone’s color and/or clarity.

Infilling: the filling of surface cavities or fractures to improve appearance.

Laser treatment: the use of laser and chemicals to alter inclusions.

Oiling/Resin Infusion: the filling of cavities with a colorless oil wax or natural resin to improve appearance.

Bonding: the use of a bonding agent within a porous gemstone to increase durability.

Diffusion: the use of chemicals and high temperatures to produce color.

Waxing/Oiling: the insertion of a colorless wax in porous opaque gemstones to improve appearance.