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Frequently Asked Questions

How long should a men's necklace be?

Choose the length for your necklace based on your style preference. Men's necklace lengths typically start at 18 inches and go as long as 34 inches. For chain necklaces, the most common length for men is 20 inches. A 20-inch necklace falls just below the collarbone and is visible on the top buttons of a collared shirt. If the necklace has a hanging pendant, consider choosing a chain that is 22-25 inches so that the pendant falls lower on the chest.

What is the most popular type of men's jewelry?

Men's jewelry styles come in and out of popularity based on fashion trends. However, the top three most common types of men's jewelry are watches, rings, and chain necklaces. Watches are both stylish and functional, making them a bestselling option for men's jewelry. In many cultures, the style and brand of watch is a symbol of social and financial status. In addition, it is popular for men to wear chain necklaces made of precious metals, including gold, platinum, and sterling silver.

Is it common for men to wear jewelry?

Watches, rings, and necklaces are the most common types of men's jewelry. It has become increasingly popular for men to wear jewelry. Many designers have expanded their jewelry designs to include extensive men's options. Like women's jewelry designs, men's jewelry can serve many purposes, including a symbol of commitment like a wedding ring, a hint at social or financial status like an expensive watch, or a fashion statement like a bold necklace chain or bracelet.

Do guys wear necklaces or chains?

Guys wear both necklaces and chains. Chains are a type of necklace style and are usually thicker and feature a unique link pattern. A popular men's chain necklace style is the Figaro chain, which has an iconic design of 2-3 small links followed by a larger oval link. A classic men's necklace usually includes a pendant. The pendants are usually religious, cultural, or sentimental and are placed on thinner chains or bands of leather.

What are the top jewelry gifts for men?

A thoughtful gift of jewelry can be the perfect way to celebrate a milestone, anniversary, birthday, or accomplishment. If you are shopping for a jewelry gift for men, consider investing in a classic piece like a watch, tie clip, or cuff links. These are items he can wear for years to come, and quality pieces retain their value. But if you are looking for something more sentimental, personalize a ring or necklace pendant with an engraving or stone. The best jewelry gifts for men are inspired by the recipient's style. Think about the type of metal he would prefer and if his style is more understated or trendy.

How is men's jewelry different from women's jewelry?

Men's jewelry is usually thicker and heavier than women's jewelry. For example, necklace chains feature larger links, and pendants are more substantial. In addition, men's jewelry designs make quality metals the feature as opposed to gemstones that are highlighted in most women's pieces. Finally, men's jewelry has less variety and focuses more on classic styles than trendy, high-fashion pieces. However, both men's and women's jewelry is an excellent investment and makes wonderful gifts for holidays and special events.

Can men wear jewelry every day?

Men can wear jewelry every day. Most do! Whether it's a simple watch, dazzling cufflinks, or sentimental necklace, men accessorize their outfits with jewelry. Classic jewelry pieces men should invest in include a chain necklace made from high-quality precious metals, a luxury watch, and iconic cuff links. Men's jewelry can be just as flashy as women's pieces with diamonds and gemstones. However, if you are just starting your men's jewelry collection, start with everyday pieces with classic and simple designs made of quality gold or silver.

What materials are used to make men's jewelry?

Men's jewelry is commonly made out of metal or leather. Invest in quality pieces made from gold or sterling silver to get the most out of your jewelry collection. It is also common for men's jewelry to be made with diamonds or other precious gemstones including birthstones. Men's jewelry is bolder and less delicate than pieces designed for women; therefore, heavier materials are usually used. As a result, men's jewelry is usually quite durable and lasts for a long time.