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Hand Engraved Wedding Bands Hand engraved wedding bands are available for both men and women, and they are a beautiful alternative to a plain ring. These intricate styles are hand-crafted, and their patterns provide visual interest. Some hand engraved wedding bands even include matching diamond solitaire engagement rings for a bold and attractive statement. You will want to wear these rings every day. Metals available include several colors of gold in addition to platinum and palladium. Many customers prefer to match their hand engraved wedding bands to the engagement ring, but mixed metals are becoming trendier. A rose gold ring would complement a white gold engagement ring nicely, but matched metals are always attractive. We offer many men’s styles in this category. These rings are wider and larger than women’s styles, but they still include attractive carved motifs, such as subtle florals. The subtle carvings look great in any metal, which you can match to your partner’s ring or choose based on personal preference. Some even include two-tone gold. Engraved styles are ideal for matching or coordinating with the bride, because the patterns are similar for both genders. Even more carvings, motifs, and styles are available for the women’s rings in this category. Motifs include leaves, flowers, milgrain, and filigree. Coordinating engagement rings are available in most motifs, which can make matching your engagement ring and wedding band simple. As with the men’s styles, these women’s rings come in many different metals, including different gold colors, such as yellow, white, and rose. Many women’s styles also include carved-out designs, which make use of empty space for added visual texture. Most women’s rings are also eternity styles, in which the pattern wraps around the entire ring, representing unending love. Some offer more subdued half-eternity patterns, which encircle only half the ring. Many different metals, motifs, and intricate details mean that expressing your love is easy with these styles. With styles for both men and women, it is even easier to coordinate your jewelry on your big day, and matching bridal sets mean that even her engagement ring will fit your design theme.