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Amazing Jewelry |Star

Buy From Allurez - They have Amazing Jewelry and Customer Service

By Nathan From United States
Vintage ring style |Star07/03/2020

Excellent quality. The set is a thing of beauty. Glad we chose allurez. Thanks

By Richard A Beyard from Jacksonville, Florida, United States
wow! |Star06/30/2020

First may i say my fiance' is devastated and this had been a terrible process we've been put through! We have been toyed with for months and enough is enough! I can't believe I ordered from these people without doing more due diligence. Apparently I needed to come here ( to read all the HORRIFIC reviews and horror stories that match my own! I ordered our engagement ring on 2/18 and was told to allow 2- 14 days for delivery. Well here we are at 113 days! They have promised time & time again it was going to ship and at this point have had he audacity to send a tracking # and show it "shipped" over-night in the email they sent to me; meanwhile if you go the the *** website, it confirms they still haven't brought it to their local center to ship as of today , the "day of receipt." To have delayed this long with so many lies is not only unprofessional, but to send a false email saying "shipped" with a tracking number confirming otherwise is just deplorable. We are well over 90 days and any reasonable idea of commitment or contract , which I've asked for them to send repeatedly and they've never produced. I've asked for contact from management and all types of things, but Yoselin has the capacity of a baggage check complaint department clerk who knows she's never going to make you happy , so she just humors and placates you for as long as you'll tolerate it, never providing any real solutions and constantly deflecting from the real situation. I've read reviews of fake stones being used, of wedding dates being missed from rings taking so long,.....THIS IS OUTRAGEOUS! ENGAGEMENT RINGS AREN'T EVERYDAY PIECES OF JEWELRY , YOU ARE MEDDLING WITH PEOPLES HEARTS AND LIVES! There is NO excuse for this level of customer service for a company that according to ********* generates 5,000,000 annually in revenue! !!! DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS AWFUL GROUP OF PEOPLE !!! They have been trying to play me for months on y to come to this, and to find out this how they always play their cards.!BUYER BEWARE! SHAME ON YOU ALLUREZ !

By sean b from denver, co, usa
Fiances wedding band purchase |Star06/22/2020

I just got the ring today and it's better than what I expected! I purchased my fiance's wedding band on the website. It arrived faster than I thought and the presentation(the box) it came in was amazing. I highly recommend!

By Kalindi Villafane from Land O Lakes, Florida, USA
Ring |Star06/12/2020

My wife told me that for her anniversary she would like to have a ring that she could wear and eventually give to my little girl. (My son gets the engagement ring I gave her) So I looked around and saw a ring with her birthstone and my daughters and thought, “that would be really nice”. I ordered the ring and was told that basically because of the chaos going on it would take longer on shipping, I get it. I waited a bit longer and got Shakey on the timing. It arrived just in time, but you guys need to change the picture on the site! It is sooooo much more beautiful than what I expected! The photo does not do this ring justice! Just absolutely wonderful. Thank you so much. My wife is going to love this, and years from now it will make my little girl cry.

By Eric Rickard from Fredericksburg, VA, United States
XOXO |Star06/04/2020

I ordered the XO sterling silver and diamond stud earrings. They are fantastic quality, comfortable to wear, and they have become my go to everyday earrings. I had such a great experience with Allurez and I cannot wait to order more items!

By Katie Preston from New Braunfels, TX, US
10yr anniversary band |Star06/02/2020

We ordered this ring as a 10 year anniversary upgrade to my plain wedding band. It is beautiful and exactly how it was presented on the website. Fit is perfect and we couldn't be happier!

By Janette Smith from jonesboro, Arkansas, usa
Star of David necklace |Star05/25/2020

I could not be happier! My necklace exceeded my expectations.

By Ellen Benkle from SAN Diego, CA, USA
25th Anniversary Ring |Star04/22/2020

I am very happy with the service I received. I originally called in with questions and the customer service rep. was extremely helpful and friendly each time I called! I ordered a ring for my wife for our 25th anniversary on May 5th and they could not commit that I would receive it in time. I actually received it today, April 22nd. I am very happy ! Thank you so much for your great service and the ring is beautiful !! I totally recommend Allurez !

By Leonard Mish from Lawrenceville, GA, US

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