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Engagement Rings

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Design your own ring, create your own necklace, make your own earrings, whatever piece of jewelry you choose to design, our artisans can turn your vision into a reality. We make it easy for you to create custom jewelry online. We can even modify a piece of jewelry listed on our website for you.

Simply fill out the form below, send us a picture of your design and we’ll do the rest.


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Note: For more info on diamond jewelry and diamonds in general, visit our diamond education page.

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Recent Projects

Some of the many pieces we have crafted for our clients

The Custom Experience

Once submitted, you will be contacted by one of our consultants to discuss your uniqe design.
Our experts will then construct a mock-up design for your approval.
Upon your approval of the mock-up design, our jewelers will hand-craft your custom piece and bring it to life.
Before you know it, your very own custom design will be ready for you to enjoy for a lifetime.

Customer Reviews

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4star (4 Stars) based on 191 reviews

Cheryl Butler

From Lake Ozark, Mo, USA

Great service when I called

You were great and very helpful ups stinks will never use the again

Ron Smith

From Harrisburg, IL, United States

Honesty is the best policy

I was looking for a piece of jewelry for my wife and I found this site. It was the 19th of December. Not very many days left till Christmas. So I Contacted Allurez by phone and placed my order. The lovely customer service rep told me I may get the gift before Christmas but she couldn't promise me it would be. So the delivery date was the 26th of December. OK, I'm fine with that. The 26th came and went. So I decided to call on the 30th of December to see what the hold up was. I called and heard the dreadful news that it was on backorder. I was not happy. So I kept my peace and said OK, I'll call back in another few days and see what's going on. Now it's Jan 3rd and I call again. The customer service rep tells me the bracelet is in the jewelrys hands and will be at my house Wed the 8th. I was excited. It's on its way. After the weekend I decided to call again because I haven't received the new shipping update. I called Monday and spoke to a very nice lady named Rojan. I gave her my order number and I was placed on hold. She returned a short time later and told me the bracelet was not ready and she wasn't sure when it would be. I hit the roof. I was angry but remained civil. I explained how this was turning into a nightmare and I was done getting the run around. I told her to just tell me the truth about what's happening. So she says OK and puts me on hold. I'm on hold for 10 minutes or more then the phone hangs up. I was like no way I just didn't get hung up on. I was at odds on what to do next. Then a call came in and it was Rojan. She apologized for the disconnect. She started to speak and I interrupted her and asked so what's the deal now. She calmly responded by saying you want the truth right and I said yes. Honest is the best policy. She continued by tell me that there was an issue with the bracelet and it wasn't up to Allurez quality and they wanted to make everything right by offering me another bracelet worth more then the one I had ordered. Plus it would still be delivered Wed the 8. I told her that would be fine. To my surprise it came as told and it was Beautiful. I was so excited to finally give my wife her Christmas gift and she wasn't mad at me anymore. I applaud Rojan for her patience and honesty with me. She was also very sympathetic. She has all the traits of a very valuable employee and person. I also want to Thank Allurez for a Beautiful Bracelet that my wife will cherish forever. Thank you all. Your loyal new customers The Smith Family

John Remsen

From Germantown, TN, USA

Excellent Company

Excellent quality and service. My purchase was a last-minute Christmas gift and they came through right on time. Wife happy ????

frank bianchi

From hercules, CA, United States

Snowflake Necklace and Earrings

The Diamond earrings and Necklace were absolutely beautiful. Customer service was very responsive to my request. I would recommend to use a chain style for the the Necklace that doesn't tangle or knot.

Gary Robinson

From South Miami, FL, United States

Allurez vs. Your Local store

Two years ago I got engaged and purchased the engagement ring from a local store. They were very nice and tried telling me how much they appreciated my business but a few months later it was Christmas and I wanted to buy my fiance a present. I had shopped at Allurez before and knew they had great quality and prices so I looked there and found something I really liked. As usual when I called they even gave me a little bit of a better deal. I decided to give the local store an opportunity to beat their deal, but they couldn't even come close to Allurez's deal. This year I again found a beautiful present, a diamond necklace on Allurez and since I had gotten a VIP discount email from the local store I asked them to match or beat the price, but again they said they couldn't. I'm not sure next year if I will even bother trying to beat Allurez's price. Thanks Allurez for helping me make these holidays so special and a bit more affordable. I didn't recieve the necklace yet so I can't add a picture.