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Wedding Bands

Wedding Bands

Unveil the true essence of your love with our beautifully designed exquisitely crafted wedding rings and bands.


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Women's Bands

Traditional to modern, from diamonds to gemstones, you will find the perfect wedding ring here.

Men's Bands

Symbolize your love with one of our many plain, diamond or gemstone wedding rings for men.

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Match Your Engagement Ring And Wedding Band

Match Your Engagement Ring And Wedding Band

Select your engagement ring, then discover the perfect wedding band to match.

Lab Grown Bands

Lab Grown Bands

Explore our collection of wedding rings set with sustainable lab grown diamonds that shine as brightly as their natural counterparts.

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Wedding Bands

Have you always wanted to create your own engagement ring? Now you can design your own ring easily and quickly at This process is as simple as choosing a stone setting and a stone. Choose from 14k and 18k rose gold, white gold and yellow gold settings, as well as palladium and platinum metal types. The next step to build your own engagement ring is to select the style. We have various mounting styles for you to pick from, including: antique style diamond ring, modern halo engagement rings, contemporary pave styles, unique side stone accented engagement rings, classic solitaire styles, simple three-stone styles, and contemporary gemstone accented rings. With our large selection of custom engagement rings, you can give your loved one a gift as unique as they are. We also offer the option to select a center stone diamond.

Frequently Asked Questions
What hand does a wedding ring go on?

In the United States, wedding rings are traditionally worn on the fourth finger of the left hand. This tradition originated in Ancient Rome with the belief that there was a vein of love, or vena amoris , which ran from the left ring finger directly to the heart. Placing a wedding ring on that finger was considered the best way to symbolize love, romance and commitment. Some countries and cultures have the opposite tradition, wearing wedding rings on the right hand instead. Other people prefer the right hand due to lifestyle requirements, disabilities or simply because they find it to be more comfortable.

How to wear wedding rings

Wedding rings are typically worn on the fourth finger of the left hand, with the wedding band closest to the wearer and the engagement ring on the outside or toward the tip of the finger. The idea is that the wedding band, which represents the actual marriage, should be closest to your heart. Some people choose to buck tradition, wearing their engagement ring through their wedding ceremony and leaving their new wedding band in the outer position.

Who buys the wedding bands?

According to tradition, the groom buys the bride her wedding ring and vice versa. This approach makes it easier to get a good deal on a bridal set, which also ensures the engagement ring and bride’s wedding band match, though it’s certainly possible to purchase pieces of a set separately. Modern couples may decide to buy their wedding bands together, as a joint purchase. It’s a good idea to incorporate the cost of wedding rings into the overall wedding budget and share the expenses as you see fit.

What is a wedding band?

Wedding bands are rings used to symbolize marriage. The ritual of exchanging rings as part of a wedding ceremony dates back as far as 4000 BC, when couples in Egypt wore wedding jewelry made from leather, bone, reeds and other simple materials. Unlike engagement rings, which often feature one or more gemstones, today’s wedding bands are often plain metal, though they may include smaller gems or other unique details. Engagement rings are presented prior to a wedding to represent the promise of marriage, while wedding bands are exchanged during the wedding ceremony, typically as part of the vows or directly after the vows are spoken.

How much are wedding rings?

The average cost of a wedding ring is about $510 for men and around $1,100 for women, but these numbers can vary wildly depending on what materials are used to make the ring. For example, gold is more expensive than sterling silver, but platinum is pricier than both silver and gold. The price tag also takes into account the amount of metal used and, if the ring includes gemstones, the size and quality of those stones.

When to buy wedding bands?

Experts recommend shopping for wedding bands at least three or four months before the wedding. That way you’ll have plenty of time to have the rings resized (if necessary) while lessening the risk you’ll find yourself without rings for the actual ceremony. Designing your own rings and other customization options like engraving also take more time, so consider those extras when writing out your pre-wedding checklist.

Where to buy wedding bands?

Your wedding band is one of the most meaningful purchases you’ll ever make. Shop with Allurez and you know you’re getting a genuine, high-quality product at a great value. We also offer incredible customer service, talented jewelry designers to help you with DIY designs, and even free shipping to help you minimize extra expenses. There’s even a 30-day return policy so you can have full confidence in your purchase and fall in love with it in person with zero stress or pressure.

How to buy a wedding ring

There are several ways to buy a wedding ring. The first is to shop for one that matches your or your soon-to-be spouse’s engagement ring. In that case, you’ll need to narrow your search to the metal, style and size that best fits the ring you already have. If you don’t have an engagement ring yet or aren’t planning on purchasing one, you have the freedom to look at hundreds of Allurez bands in every style imaginable. Consider which metal you prefer, whether you want a plain band or one with embellishments like hand engraving or gemstones and if you want you and your sweetheart’s wedding bands to complement each other. Lastly, always buy your wedding rings from a trusted jeweler with the track record, reviews and certification to back up your purchase.


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