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Platinum Buying Guide

Platinum is a rare treasure, found only in a few places around the world, and has been desired by influential individuals for centuries. Platinum is a denser metal than gold and silver (nearly twice the weight of gold) making it extremely strong and durable and therefore resistant to scratching, which is one of the many reasons platinum is beloved by many jewellers, and is a great option for engagement ring settings.

Platinum (spelled by some: platium, or platnum) a pure metal, naturally white, and kind to the skin, is an excellent choice for those prone to skin allergies. Since platinum jewelry is very pure, usually 95% pure (compare to: 18 karat gold which is usually 75% pure), it is naturally hypoallergenic and ideal for those with sensitive skin.

Platinum Buying Guide

To verify the purity of your platinum jewlery purchase, check the back of your piece. In the United States a piece must contain 95% platinum and is usually marked with a “950pt,” “950plat,” or “plat” indicating the purity. carries an amazing selection of beautiful and alluring platinum jewelry

Care and Cleaning of Platinum Jewelry

Platinum’s most defining and appealing characteristic is its durability. Other metals lose tiny pieces of metal when they are scratched and polished but platinum is so strong that it does not easily scratch. After wearing your platinum jewelry for a period of time it can develop a “patina” (a satin sheen that develops on the surface of platinum) of wear that many platinum wearers actually prefer. But if it is the shined look is what you prefer, a jeweler can polish your platinum jewelry or you can buff it with a soft cloth. Both options will return the original shine of your platinum piece. Keeping your jewelry away from harsh chemicals, such as ammonia and chlorine is important. These chemicals can be found in household cleaning products, swimming pools, and Jacuzzis. When storing your platinum pieces, it is ideal to store them separately in boxes, small soft bags, or pouches.

Cleaning platinum jewelry is a simple process that includes soaking the jewelry in a mild solution of detergent-free soap and warm water. The next step is to gently rub the metal with a soft cloth or soft bristle brush to sustain the piece’s original luster. If you prefer, you can use a jewelry cleaning solution, which you can purchase from a jewelry store.