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Storage Education Guide

Storage Education Guide

How To Store Jewelry

Over the years, you’ve acquired a beautiful, impressive jewelry collection; now it’s time to protect them. Whether it’s an everyday piece or an antique collectors item, jewelry storage is always an important aspect to buying jewelry. Keeping your jewelry safe ensures that they will last a long time in perfect condition and without any flaws. Furthermore, jewelry storage can be a great way to display all your jewelry in a neat, orderly manner. Using this step by step guide, you’ll have the knowledge and tools you’ll need for all your jewelry storage needs.

Step 1 – Inner and Outer Material

Jewelry storages are crafted from varying materials, such as wood or metal. Both make a durable and sturdy way to hold your jewelry collection. Jewelry boxes are typically made from a heavy material that will preserve your diamonds, gemstones, watches and other precious pieces. Jewelry boxes and cases can also be lined in leather, faux or real, or painted in multiple colors.

Often times, jewelry boxes and cases are lined with cushioned velvet or satin materials to ensure the ultimate form of protection against scratches on your jewelry. Additionally, in many jewelry boxes, you’ll find that there is a glass mirror to provide convenience in selecting the perfect piece of jewelry.

Step 2 – Amount of Compartments

When considering a jewelry storage box, first evaluate your collection. The number of jewelry pieces that you have will determine the number of compartments or storage space you will need. If you love to collect earrings, for example, be sure your jewelry storage has plenty of posts and hooks to hang up and secure your pieces. Rings and bracelets, on the other hand, should be placed in protective velvet tubes for safekeeping.

Step 3 – Storage

Finding a safe and accessible place is the next important step to your jewelry storage process. For everyday items, you may want to consider jewelry boxes that are decorative and can be kept on dressers as a way to display your pieces. However, for your most valuable pieces, consider keeping them hidden and out of plain sight. Furthermore, if you wish to have added security, there are many types of jewelry box storages that are lock and key accessible.

Types of Jewelry Storage:

Jewelry Boxes and Cases:

This type of storage is great for women who have multiple types of jewelry pieces. Jewelry boxes have many different looks but typically have multiple drawers, hooks, rolls, and compartments. Earrings, rings, necklaces, and bracelets will have a spot just for them in this type of storage. They are also crafted beautifully, making them a lovely addition to your dresser. Shop all of Allurez’s Jewelry Boxes here

Jewelry Armoires and Standing Chests:

Armoires and standing chests are another great way to store your jewelry collection. Made for a true jewelry lover, this type of jewelry storage is meant for large amounts of jewelry. Armoires and standing chests are usually constructed with multiple drawers, hooks, compartments and interior mirrors so that they have a great amount of functionality. Shop all of Allurez’s Armoires and Standing Chests here

Jewelry Trays:

With or without lids, jewelry trays are a great way to keep your pieces safe. Without lids, they can be a great way to show off all your jewelry and easily pick out the exact piece you want. With lids or with multiple stacks, it can add extra protection, as well as extra storage space. View all of Allurez’s Jewelry Trays here

Jewelry Rolls:

This option is the best choice when traveling with any of your prized jewelry pieces, or to simply ensure your jewelry doesn’t tangle up, causing possible damage. Jewelry rolls are compact, safe, and convenient. Browse Allurez’s Jewelry Rolls for this type of storage here

Watch Box:

Storage for watches is especially important if you’re an avid watch collector. Not only does this type of box keep your watches safe with individualized compartments, but it’s also a great way to display your treasured pieces. Shop here to view Allurez’s collection of watch boxes and click here to learn more about watches.