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Rings Buying Guide

Rings are an excellent way to enhance your look and make for the perfect gift. From cocktail rings to stackable rings to religious rings, to birthstone rings, rings are available in hundreds of styles, sizes, and price points. They can be worn by both men and women, for both daily and formal use.

Stackable Rings:

Stackable rings are bands that can be stacked together and worn on the same finger as one ring. They come in many different shapes, styles, and price points, and with different types of gemstones. Many people wear stackable bands with birthstones of their loved ones, in order to always be reminded of them. Others wear stackable rings because of their stylish and fashionable look.

Cocktail and Right Hand Rings:

Cocktail rings are rings with very large diamonds, precious gemstones, or semi-precious gemstones. These rings can be very unique and stylish, and are usually worn on the middle finger on the right hand, although they can be worn on any other finger, on either hand. Some cocktail rings can be worn everyday, while others are usually more preferable to be worn at parties and other social gatherings. However, because most right hand rings are meant to be worn daily, they are made of very durable metals and stones.

Other right hand fashion rings can be very wide and unique, and include lots of stones of the same or similar sizes.

Eternity Bands:

Eternity bands, also referred to as eternity rings, are rings with stones circling all the way around the band. Eternity bands can be made with diamonds, or other gemstones such as sapphires or emeralds. Depending on the style, or gemstones, eternity bands can be worn as wedding bands, anniversary bands, or fashion rings.

Antique Style Rings:

Inspired by jewelry of the ancient times, antique style rings are recreations of the styles of the historic times, combined with the designs of contemporary jewelry. Fashion rings, diamond engagement rings, wedding bands, as well as other types of jewellry are available in antique styles. carries a wide selection of Antique Style Rings, as well as actual Antique Rings.

Promise Rings:

A representation of a promise made either to yourself or to a loved one, a promise ring is most commonly worn before an engagement. A promise ring can also be worn to represent a vow you have made to achieve an important goal, or a promise of loyalty to a friend.

A pre-engagement promise ring is more often given by a man to a woman, although it can also be given by the woman, and may be worn by both genders. This ring symbolizes a promise that you will one day marry each other. It looks similar in appearance to an engagement ring, and can be made of platinum or gold, but usually includes a smaller center diamond than an engagement ring.

Whether you are looking for a diamond ring, a gold ring, a silver ring, a gemstone ring, or men’s ring has a gorgeous ring for you.