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Precious Metals Buying Guide

Precious Metals Buying Guide

Precious metals are desired not only for their beauty but also for their role as great investments. Understanding the differences between the various metals can help you make a more educated decision when purchasing jewelry. Below is a jewelry guide detailing each of the precious metals available and their unique and identifying characteristics:


Gold, one of the most popular metals, has been a symbol of wealth since the beginning of time. It is extremely durable and will not rust, tarnish, or corrode, making each piece a lifetime investment.

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Sterling Silver:

Sterling silver has a brilliant metallic luster that takes on a high degree of polish and optical reflectivity. It is easy to wear with any outfit because of its neutral color. Although Sterling silver is highly valuable, it is relatively inexpensive because it is more abundant than gold and platinum.

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Platinum is pure, naturally white, and kind to the skin. It is denser than gold and silver, making it extremely strong and durable. Its subtle beauty and natural whiteness allow for it to act as a perfect canvas for a stone setting.

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Palladium is very durable, flexible, and able to hold stones very securely.

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