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Necklace & Pendant Buying Guide

Necklaces and pendants will add style and elegance to anything you wear. They also make for the perfect gift, and can be very romantic when it is placed around her neck.


There are a variety of necklaces available in numerous shapes and forms. Gold necklaces are the oldest forms of necklaces, and are very stylish. Sterling silver necklaces and platinum necklaces are other forms of precious metal necklaces that are very popular and stylish. Diamond necklaces and gemstone necklaces have become very popular and are very classy and elegant. Lastly, Pearl necklaces, available in an array of colors, lengths, and styles, are very luxurious and classy, and are generally worn with dresses.

Necklace Lengths

After deciding what type of chain or necklace to purchase, you need to decide on the length.

16 inches (Choker length) : necklaces of 16 inch and shorter in length lay just above the collarbones, and are meant to emphasize the neckline. Also referred to as a choker necklace or a collar necklace, this type of necklace is very well suited for shirts with high necklines.

17- 19 inches (Princess Length) : the most common length, the princess length is generally 18 inches, and hangs over the collarbones.

24 inches (Opera length) : also called matinee necklaces, opera length chains are generally worn with blouses or dresses. The opera length can range from 20 inches to 30 inches, but are commonly 24 inches.

30 inches (Rope length) : rope length chains are 30 inches or longer, and are generally worn without a pendant. Rope length pearl necklaces are sometimes circled several times around the neck to create a shorter yet very stylish necklace.

Metal Chains

Metal chains can be worn casually, and go with everything. They are available in a variety of styles and shapes. Some of the chain types are bead, byzantine, cable, and rope. Sterling silver chains and gold chains are extremely popular, and are generally worn with a pendant.


A pendant, also referred to as necklace pendant, allows all of the attention to focus on a gorgeous diamond, pearl, or gemstone. Solitaire diamond pendants are extremely popular and stylish. Allurez Jewelers has a wide selection of designer diamond pendants. You also have the option to Design Your Own Diamond Pendant by selecting your own setting and your own diamond, based on your exact specifications. Pearl pendants and gemstone pendants are also extremely popular and are available in various colors, shapes, and styles. Some popular pendant shapes include heart design, circular shape, and monogram initials.

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