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Diamond Buying GuideDiamond Cut

The cut of a diamond is one of the most important characteristics and has the greatest overall impact on a diamond’s beauty. The cut of a diamond determines a diamond’s sparkle. A diamond with a good cut grade sparkles because the light will be properly returned out of the top of the diamond and catches the viewer’s eye. In a poorly cut diamond the light will leak out the bottom or sides resulting in a loss of brilliance and sparkle. Because the cut is so important to a diamond’s overall image, we recommend selecting the highest cut grade within your budget.

  • Ideal
  • Excellent
  • Very Good
  • Good
  • Fair
  • Poor

How Cut Is Graded:

A diamond’s cut grade is based on the assessment of seven components.

Appearance Based:

1. Brightness: the combination of all white light reflecting from the interior and the surface of a diamond.

2. Fire:dispersion of light into the colors of the spectrum.

3. Scintillation:flashes of light, or sparkle, when a diamond is moved.

Design and Craftsmanship:

4. Weight Ratio:The ratio of a diamond millimeter versus its weight

5. Durability:A diamonds resistance to breaking or chipping

6. Polish:smoothness of facets, graded poor to excellent

7. Symmetry:refers to the alignment of the facets

How Diamond Cut is rated:

GIA Cut Grading:

Excellent: Excellent cut reflects maximum light entering the diamond, thus the diamond has an optimum shine. This cut is extremely rare.

Very Good: Very Good cut indicates superior cut, and is slightly less expensive then Excellent Cut.

Good: Good Cut diamonds reflect light to obtain a good amount of brilliance and shine, but not equal to Very Good cut diamonds. Good Cut diamonds can be a very economical choice for a limited budget.

Fair: Fair Cut diamonds reflect less light than Good Cut diamond, but are better than Poor Cut diamonds.

Poor:Poor Cut diamonds are usually too deep and narrow, or shallow and wide, that the light is unable to reflect back from the diamond.

AGSL Cut Grading:

Ideal (0 Cut):The highest possible cut grade in terms of all the cut quality factors.

Excellent (1 Cut): Superior cut quality. Very slight variations in one or more of the diamond cut quality factors, which be detected almost only by a computer.

Very Good (2 Cut): High level of diamond cut. Slight variations in one or more of the diamond cut quality factors, which be detected almost only by a computer.

Good (3 & 4 Cut): Minor Variations in 1 or more diamond cut quality factor, which could have a slight effect on a diamonds beauty, durability, or size appearance.

Fair (5, 6 & 7): Substantial variations in 1 or more diamond cut quality factors. A grade 5 diamond has little effect on a diamonds’ beauty, durability, or size appearance, where a grade 7 diamond has a higher effect.

Poor (8, 9, & 10): Major variation in 1 or more of diamond cut quality factor, which can have a significant (8) to serious (10) negative effect on a diamond’s beauty, durability, or size appearance.

If a diamond cut grade is not assigned by GIA, AGSL, or other third party laboratories, Allurez will determine the appropriate cut grade based on 6 qualities: Depth Percentage, Table Percentage, Girdle Thickness, Cutlet Size, Polish, and Symmetry. (This is an estimate and might be slightly different than if actually graded by the laboratories)