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Diamond Buying GuideHeart and Arrow Diamonds

The Magic of Hearts and Arrows Diamonds

Less than 1% of the world's diamonds are cut to the optical symmetry of Hearts and Arrows (H&A). It is this perfect symmetry that enables them to reflect up to 98% of the light that enters the stone. Known as “super ideal cut,” these Hearts and Arrows diamonds are the perfect choice for diamond engagement rings and wedding bands.

Hearts and Arrows Diamond Harmony

Hearts and Arrows diamonds are distinguishable, (especially  through a Firescope™) in two very specific ways; from the top or crown, these diamonds display an 8 arrow pattern and when flipped over, an eight heart pattern with small 'V' shapes is apparent. It is the harmony of these patterns that give Hearts and Arrows diamonds their unique light refraction and distinct features.

Hearts and Arrows – A Cut Above

Unlike ordinary diamonds which take about two hours to cut, Hearts and Arrows diamonds sometimes take up to three days to be cut to the exact precision that makes them such great performers. Their optimum light return and outstanding beauty are almost magical when placed in any metal or setting designed to hold a Hearts and Arrows round ideal cut diamond.

Since the overall geometry of a diamond is what determines its light performance, carefully chooses each H&A diamond to very exacting specifications. This means that each ideal cut H&A stone delivers optimum brilliance and a scattering of light that will take your breath away.