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Wooden Quad Watch Winder and Display Case for Six Additional Timepieces

Style# BD019
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Learn More About Your Watch Winder

Keep up to four watches wound and ready to wear with this sturdy burgandy quad watch winder. In addition, it doubles as a storage space for six additional timepieces each in its own space.

This unit runs on 110 AC only, with an adapter included, so your favorite watches never miss a beat. Plus, it has a convenient automatic "Daily Repeat" feature that is sure to come in handy.

This quad watch winder measures 13" x 11" x 7", perfect for anyone who has a number of watches they wish to keep close at hand.

Watch Winder Information

Style Number: BD019
Gender: Men's
Width: 13 inches
Height: 11 inches
Length: 7 inches
Material: Wood
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