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Twenty Cufflinks Storage Box Lacquered Wood Finish

Style# CU6

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Everyone knows temptation is hard to resist and the only way to get rid of it is to let yourself fall into it. That happens every time you buy a set of cufflinks: you realize that you need another one for that other event and that you should try a new shape and another color that matches your attire. This way, your collection grows larger and larger and without even knowing, you wake one day with your house full of cufflinks. To avoid the chaos of searching every time for the right pair, we came up with a solution! This gleaming black-lacquered wooden box is the perfect case to keep your cufflinks all together, and you can look at your treasure anytime your heart desires through the glass lid. Made with impeccable quality and durable craftsmanship – the box is made with strong quad hinges to keep the lid from snapping shut on your fingers - this smart display case will show off twenty pairs of cufflinks to great advantage.

Product Information

Style Number: CU6
Gender: Men's
Width: 9 7/8 Inches
Height: 5 1/8 Inches
Length: 2 1/8 Inches
Material: Wood
Interior: Brown
Color : Black
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