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Get instantaneous credit to complete an online purchase under the best terms according to your credit profile

Get Financing

1. Who is Get Financing?

Get Financing is a real time decision engine that helps consumers obtain instant credit from numerous financing sources when making a purchase online at a participating merchant’s website.

2. Why does Get Financing ask for the last 4 digits of my Social Security Number?

Get Financing’s patented state-of-the-art technology allows us to identify, verify, and refer applicants to the appropriate Get Financing participating credit issuer. The only information you need to provide is name, address, and the last four digits of your social security number, that’s it! Credex believes you should feel safe while making a purchase or applying for credit online.

3. Will this show as an inquiry on my credit report?

Yes. In order to secure credit by a lender on your behalf, Get Financing must verify your credit information through the credit bureaus. This verification will therefore appear as an inquiry by “Get Financing” on your credit report.

4. How can I get this removed from my credit report?

Credit inquiries are automatically removed after 24 months.

5. Do you store any personal information or my credit history?

No. We do not store any of this information. It is used only to verify your identity and credit profile at the time of application.

6. If you don’t store my info, who does?

At the time of purchase we use your information only to verify identity and access your credit profile to find lenders who can assist you in financing your purchase. The merchant themselves may store the information that is relevant to them. If you successfully obtain credit from one of our lenders please check the privacy policy of the bank/ lender by going to their web site.

7. Why was my loan/credit offer not approved?

Although a high percentage of requests are approved, Get Financing cannot guarantee approvals of all requests. Each of our lenders has their own underwriting criteria and we may not have one available to service your needs at this time. There is also a chance that information was entered incorrectly.

8. What was the reason, (piece of information) on my credit report which caused me to be declined?

Unfortunately due to the Privacy Laws we are not able to access this information. You can contact one of the Credit Bureaus listed on the FCRA decline letter/email you would have received stating that an offer of credit was not available to you at this time due to some issue with your current credit status or information that was not able to be confirmed. You can also contact the lender/bank directly.

9. How can I reapply?

You can go back to the merchant's web store and try your transaction once again, be sure to enter all information correctly.

10. Why do you ask questions such as if I rent or own a home? Annual Salary? Last 4 digits of SSN?

Obtaining this information allows the lender to quickly make a decision within their underwriting policies and determine what amount they are able to offer you to complete your purchase.

11. Who are the lenders?

We work with numerous lenders in order to service the full credit spectrum and to offer loans of all sizes to most consumers. Get Financing participating lenders range from private lenders/banks to large financial institutions. If you qualify they may offer you an instant loan enabling you to pay for your purchase.If you chose to accept the offered loan you will have an obligation to that particular bank or lender for repayment. You will find out the name of the lender for which you have been pre-qualified when you are presented with an offer. You will then be required to agree to their Terms and Conditions as well as the Truth In Lending terms in order for the application to be processed.

12. What are the Get Financing terms that I am required to agree to?

When seeking a loan or credit to make your purchase through Get Financing, you must provide certain pieces of information and then expressly “agree” to the Terms and Conditions provided at the time of your application. This grants us the right to seek credit on your behalf. You can review these terms and conditions

13. How do I get in touch with my lender or bank?

You may call them at the Toll Free number provided to you in your email correspondence from the issuing lender, or you can call our customer service line at 1-855-CREDEX7 and we will be happy to provide the information to you.

14. Where do I find the Privacy Policy for Get Financing?

You can view it at Privacy policy.

15. I made a purchase and used credit/loan from one of Get Financing’s participating lenders. Now I want to cancel/return item. What should I do?

Contact the merchant you purchased the item or service from, they will be able to better assist you. In the event that you are not be able to arrive to a resolution with the merchant, you should contact the credit issuer and ask for procedures on how to start an investigation.

16. How is Get Financing making payment to the merchant for my purchase?

If your loan has been approved by LendingClub, once the proceeds have been credited to your account, Get Financing will withdraw from the account that you have provided to Get Financing at the time of checkout the exact amount of the purchase and transfer it to the merchant in order for the item(s) you purchased to be shipped to you.