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Top Ten Most Popular Engagement Rings

Are you ready to pop the question, but unable to navigate the myriad of engagement ring styles? This section will help you differentiate between the most popular styles.

Halo Engagement Rings

Halo engagement rings feature a set of diamonds or gemstones which encircle the center stone. The following are some of the most popular halo rings:

  • Angels (Round) Halo
    Angels (Round) Halo
    Features diamonds circling around the center stone.
  • Double Halo
    Double Halo
    Two rows of diamonds are set encircling the center stone.
  • Floating Halo
    Floating Halo
    Center diamond appears to be floating in mid-air
  • Princess Halo
    Princess Halo
    Stones or diamonds around the center stone in a square shape.
  • Cushion Halo
    Cushion Halo
    Rounded square shape of diamonds surround the center stone.
  • Oval Halo
    Oval Halo
    Stones surround the center stone in an oval shape.
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Antique/Vintage Style Engagement Rings

Antique/Vintage Style Engagement Rings

Based upon styles dating back to the Victorian era, antique style engagement rings feature beautiful filigree designs and milgrain craftsmanship.

Filigree refers to the intricate ornamental work done on the rings. The milgrain design includes strings of tiny bead shapes, often found at the edge of a ring.

Art deco is a vintage style which dates back to the 1920s, and is characterized by bold designs emphasizing geometry and symmetry. These rings feature repeated patterns of simple shapes.

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Solitaire Engagement Rings

The solitaire engagement ring features one central diamond with a number of variations:
  • Classic style
    Classic style
    Simple, sophisticated ring set in the metal of your choice.
  • Twisted band
    Twisted band
    A modern contemporary style with gentle twists.
  • Bezel set
    Bezel set
    The stone is surrounded by metal on all sides. The rim of the bezel is pressed down, locking the stone in place.
  • Tension setTension set Metal setting is spring-loaded to apply pressure onto the stone to create the illusion the diamond or gemstone is suspended in air.
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Cluster Style Engagement Rings

Cluster Style Engagement Rings

A cluster engagement ring features several diamonds grouped tightly together. The stones can be pave or prong set into place.

The clusters create a pattern or design. Common shapes include pentagons, squares, circles, and florals.

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3 Stone Engagement Rings

3 Stone Engagement Rings

A 3 stone engagement ring often has one large center stone, with two slightly smaller stones on either side. The three stones can all comes in the same size.

he three stones represent the past, present, and future. The past stands for the great times that you have spent together. The present symbolizes where you are in life together, and the future characterizes the life you intend to live together.

At Allurez, you will find numerous three stone rings featuring the two side stones. This design allows you to choose your own unique, center stone from our large selection of diamonds and gemstones.

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Gemstone Engagement Rings

Gemstone Engagement Rings

Gemstones, especially if they are a birthstone, can be highly symbolic for the person wearing the ring.

Gemstones may also correspond to tradition. For example, the British royal family all received various forms of gemstones.

Gemstone engagement rings may feature gemstones as the center or side stone.

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Knife Edge Engagement Rings

Knife Edge Engagement Rings

A knife edge engagement ring is made with edges that slope and meet in the middle, creating a stylish angled appearance. This unique design accentuates the center stone.

Knife edge engagement rings will often include micro pave set diamonds, which further enhance the center diamond. When choosing a matching wedding band, your best bet is to choose a knife edge wedding band.

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Floral Engagement Rings

Floral Engagement Rings

Floral rings incorporate nature-based designs such as engravings of lifelike flowers, intertwined vines, and diamond accented petals.

Other styles such as art deco rings may also be considered floral rings. If she is an artsy person who loves nature and animals, then a floral-themed engagement ring may be the perfect option.

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Cathedral Engagement Rings

Cathedral Engagement Rings

This design has arches which hold up the diamond, so the diamond seems as though it is being held in midair. These rings are named after the arches seen in many Cathedral ceilings.

This design allows for the bottom tip, of the diamond to be exposed, allowing for more light to reflect, thus enhancing the beauty of the diamond. The arches can vary in size.

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Pave Set Engagement Rings

Pave Set Engagement Rings

Pave set engagement rings feature a crowd of small diamonds individually set along the sides of the ring, resembling a cobblestone pavement.

Micro-pave set diamonds refer to extremely small diamonds running along engagement and wedding bands.

Both setting types make the center diamond look larger than its original size.

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If you have any questions regarding the engagement ring styles, please do not hesitate to contact our Jewelry Experts at 1-800-554-3509, or email us at
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