Forever Brilliant

Only authorized dealers can sell moissanite and Forever Brilliant moissanite gems. The Forever Brilliant collection is moissanites premier brand. As such, Forever Brilliant has even more light and brilliance. Other qualities include:

Whiter & Brighter

Forever Brilliant moissanite is up to four grades whiter than conventional moissanite.


Thanks to precision cutting and polishing, Forever Brilliant’s whiter color accentuates it amazing refraction.


Like conventional moissanite, Forever Brilliant bends light into rainbow flashes.


This brilliant stone is extremely resistant to scratching, abrasion, heat, breaking and chipping, making Forever Brilliant moissanite a stone that will last for generations.


Forever Brilliant is approximately one-tenth the price of a diamond with a comparable quality.

Outstanding Quality

Each Forever Brilliant jewel is available in all sizes with the largest being 10 carats in size. Precisely calibrated round brilliants along with its other fancy shapes will fit perfectly into any standard setting.


Forever Brilliant is exclusively certified as well as laser-inscribed and guaranteed.

Forever Brilliant moissanite is created through a patented two-step process. First, each crystal is grown slowly and carefully with very high heat and pressure. It takes at least a few days until the crystal takes shape and is carefully inspected. Only the best of these full grown crystals are chosen to become Forever Brilliant. Once chosen they are cut and polished to provide only the best qualities, enhanced through a propriety process to purify the crystal.

For its fire, for its brilliance, for a lifetime, a Forever Brilliant moissanite is for keeps!

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