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High Quality Diamonds

  • High Quality Loose Diamonds: We only sell high quality loose diamonds. We also provide you with specific detailed information about each diamond, such as Color, Clarity, Symmetry, and Fluorescence so you'll know the exact quality of the diamond you are purchasing.
  • High Quality Diamond Jewelry: We only sell jewelry with high quality diamonds and gemstones. Most of our diamond jewelry is of G-H color. Our stone selections allow you to choose the best stone for you. 
  • Diamond Grading Report: All our loose diamonds are accompanied by a Diamond Grading Report from an independent Lab, such as from the GIA, or the EGL. This will help you verify the quality of the diamond you are purchasing.
  • Conflict Free Diamond: All diamonds sold by us including finished diamond jewelry are from conflict free sources. We purchase our diamonds through respected, trusted, and legitimate suppliers. We fully support the Kimberly Process, which works to uphold the legitimacy of the diamond trade and stops the trade of conflict diamonds.
  • High Quality Settings: Our finished jewelry are set by experienced and well trained jewelry setters. This is to insure that the stones in the jewelry you purchase from us are evenly spaced and are placed within a uniform level.
  • Education and Guidance: At Allurez Jewelers we want to help you make educated and informed purchasing decisions, which is why we have created a Diamond and Jewelry Education Center. You can also contact us to get help with making a purchase at 1-800-554-3509 or by emailing us at