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Allurez Reviews

Allurez Jewelers the Jewelry Company I’ve been waiting for.

I have been buying fine jewelry for years for my wife, both from local stores and online jewelry stores. But found Allurez Jewelers to be the best jewelry store. I think from now on I will just be buying from Allurez because they have a huge selection, and offer an amazing service to their customers. They truly care about your needs.  Thank you

By A. J from Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Shop at Allurez!

I purchased an 18k rose gold vintage engagement ring with a certified brilliant cut round diamond from Allurez Jewelers. I was very pleased to see how beautiful this engagement ring looked in person. My local jeweler wanted 4 times as much to make something similar for me. No complaints here. It has been a true pleasure working with Allurez.

By Nadia from London, U.K

Stackable Rings

I am in love with Allurez jewelry. I have been buying stackable rings from Allurez Jewelers for the past 2 years and mix and matching them. I have bought a blue sapphire stackable ring, a diamond stackable ring, and emerald stackable rings, and a ruby stackable ring. These bands are gorgeous. It has been a pleasure working with Allurez Jewelers.

By Erica N. from Montreal, Canada

Allurez Engagement Rings

I purchased a Pave’ engagement ring from allurez in 14k rose gold. I also purchased the matching wedding band. All of Allurez engagement rings are beautiful and unique. But this one was truly unbelievable and looks stunning. I love how the diamonds are so sparkling. Thank you Allurez Jewelers

By Aaron from Nashville, TN

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