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View our selection of unique wedding bands for men and for women. The assortment features plain metal as well as bands with diamonds and gemstones.

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Women's Wedding Bands

Women's Wedding Bands

Symbolize your love with one of our many plain, diamond or gemstone wedding rings for women.

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Men's Wedding Bands

Men's Wedding Bands

Symbolize your love with one of our many plain, carved, braided, or diamond wedding rings for men.

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Select from a variety of styles including Plain, Diamond, Gemstone, Carved, Engraved, Handmade and Religious.

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Wedding bands are a symbol not only of love, but the round shape is a symbol of eternity. The tradition of wedding rings dates back to ancient Egypt about 4,800 years ago. Then, the band was woven out of reeds and plant life. Early on, women were the ones to receive and wear wedding bands, but later on it became widely accepted for men to wear a band to symbolize their everlasting love to their wife. These rings provide a sign for all to see on the outside their mate is taken, but can mean so much more to the heart of the recipient. Too often, wedding bands become an afterthought. We get wrapped up in the engagement ring and the planning, and we forget about the bands and how special selecting one can be. We'd like to change this by offering many different options. We invite you to browse our wide variety of wedding bands from the 2,800 rings in our selection.We offer many different payment options including no interest (and no credit check) layaway options. In our men's collection, we boast over 1,200 bands. Whether you're looking for something classic or contemporary, we have the option to fit you. You can select your texture and metal type and choose to add a stone to the band or leave it solid, among many other options. Our women's collection boasts a generous 2,500+ different band types. From whimsical to sleek and simple, and everything in between. With so many options to choose from, you're sure to find the perfect band to fit your budget and her style. All of our jewelry is proudly made in the USA, and we never purchase conflict diamonds. We remain ethical and sensitive to how our diamonds are mined, sold, and distributed. We work hard to bring ethical, affordable, and quality diamonds to our customers.
Whether she'd like to design her own engagement ring, or have you pick out the perfect dazzling display of diamonds from our wide selection of rings, we have the best selection for you to choose from to symbolize your love for years to come. The most important things to remember when choosing an engagement ring are the four Cs: cut, clarity, color, and carat. Our online tools and support make it easy for you to select the perfect engagement ring based on these industry standards. The cut of a diamond can make or break the sparkle; it can also mean the difference of a few thousand dollars. The ideal diamond cut enhances the specific diamond's profile and uniqueness by catching all the sparkle and light through the cut facets. More facets in a diamond mean more sparkle, brilliance and shine. Each diamond has to be inspected and cut with that specific diamond in mind. No diamonds are alike, and no two diamonds can be cut the same. A cloudy or heavily included diamond will not have a high clarity grade. There are eleven grades a diamond can earn in the clarity category; most fall into the slightly included or very slightly included range. Clarity can make a huge price difference, so be sure to educate yourself and get the best diamond for you. The color of a diamond can range from completely colorless to light yellow or brownish. For many people, color is not as important as the cut of the diamond. Carat weight is the last of the Cs. When selecting carat weight, consider the size of the finger. A one-carat diamond will look drastically different on a size eight finger than on a size four finger. With over 1,200 preset engagement rings available, we know you'll find one to fit you and your personal style. Our rings are available in many different metals including platinum, palladium, white, yellow, rose, and two-tone gold.
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