What Engagement Ring Style Fits Your Personality?

What Engagement Ring Style Fits Your Personality?

Shopping for an engagement ring is exciting. It can also be surprisingly stressful. So many pretty things, but which one is right for you? Plucking the right ring from the sea of twinkling jewelry in a store’s case feels almost impossible. After all, you’re going to be wearing this ring for the rest of your life — or using it to propose to your better half as part of a moment you’ll both remember for eternity. The ring you choose really does matter.

To help you narrow down your choices and find a ring that matches who you are, here are some of the most popular ring styles along with the personality types they fit best.

If You’re an Extrovert Who Loves to Make a Statement…

You need a halo engagement ring.

You’re outgoing, you’re not afraid to have everybody looking at you and you love to watch awards shows just to see what everybody’s wearing on the red carpet — for inspiration, of course! Anyone who loves fashion and bling will adore halo rings. These jaw-dropping beauties feature a large center stone completely surrounded by smaller stones. The result is more diamonds and exponentially more sparkle.

Within the halo category there are tons of sub-styles. You can stick with a cushion-cut diamond for your center stone, or try out an oval or even pear-cut diamond encircled in accent stones. Whatever the combo, the ring itself will practically walk into a room before you do — and haven’t you always wanted someone to announce your presence when you join the party?

If You Love Shopping at Vintage Shops and Watching Period Flicks…

You need an antique style engagement ring.

You can recite every line of dialogue Katharine Hepburn has ever said, or maybe you just find yourself drawn to 1920s décor. Whether you obsessively read over the details of past royal weddings or yearn for some old-world sophistication in your decidedly new-world life, vintage-style rings are a total winner.

Vintage rings are all about the details. From filigree accents and meticulously carved bands to opulent stones and geometric shapes (especially in rings inspired by the Art Deco era), these rings are somehow both over-the-top and graceful and delicate at the same time. It’s the perfect ring for someone who wishes they had an heirloom to give to (or get from) their beloved.

If You Live an Active Lifestyle or Prefer Minimalism…

You need an eternity band or solitaire engagement ring.

Eternity bands are traditionally thought of as a wedding band that pairs with a flashier engagement ring, but that’s not always the case. For people who are in professions or who enjoy hobbies that might make it difficult to wear an engagement ring with a protruding stone, eternity bands deliver something special that works even if you’re welding, working with patients or running a marathon.

If you choose to propose with or wear an eternity ring as a symbol of your engagement, you have a couple options on your wedding day. Take off the same ring and use it as the wedding band during your ceremony to keep your jewelry simple, or add another eternity band for a stacked effect. That way you’re still able to do the things you love, but you also get a little extra sparkle.

Solitaire engagement rings offer a great minimalistic look, too. A clean band and a single gorgeous stone come together to create a ring that goes with every mood, outfit and occasion. If you want a little more flash, you can opt for some pave-set diamonds on the band, look at engraved bands or choose a diamond alternative for your stone — sapphires, yellow diamonds and emeralds all are great picks.

If You’re Drawn to Classic Fashion and Furnishings…

You need a three-stone engagement ring.

Some things never go out of style. Red lipstick, champagne on New Year’s Eve, a great pair of jeans and singing “I Will Survive” on karaoke night — these things are as classic as it gets, and so is a three-stone engagement ring.

Three-stone rings have one larger center stone flanked by two smaller stones. All three gems may be matching diamonds, or the accent stones could be a different color, shape or even a different gemstone altogether. In its most timeless incarnation, a three-stone ring is breathtakingly refined and perfectly echoes your sophisticated personal style. The use of symmetry is wonderfully satisfying, and you have the option of jazzing things up with a surprising stone or detailed band if those choices feel right.

Classic brides also often gravitate toward matching bridal sets. These duos include an engagement ring and wedding band designed to go together. They’re often cohesive in style, band width and even stone type. Some bands are shaped to hug the larger stones set in the engagement ring, so you have a comfortable fit suitable for years of wear.

If You March to the Beat of Your Own Drum…

You need an engagement ring with a colored gemstone.

Diamonds may be some girls’ BFF, but you’re hoping for something a little more offbeat. A more outre girl needs a gemstone that twinkles outside the box. Thankfully, these days almost anything goes. Your engagement ring can be built around a sapphire, ruby, amethyst, emerald, aquamarine, blue topaz… the list goes on and on. Match your birthstone, choose a gem that’s your favorite color or create a ring using a variety of colors, and you’ll get to wear a rainbow every single day.

Designing your own engagement ring is also a good choice for anyone craving something “different.” You can play with the design until you strike the perfect balance between unique and wearable and then have your creation realized by skilled jewelers who can make even the tiniest detail come to life.

If You Can’t Get Enough of the Great Outdoors…

You need a nature engagement ring.

Perhaps you’ve always dreamed of an eco-friendly wedding or you have a career dedicated to sustainability. Even if you’re just an avid hiker or animal lover, you may discover that a nature-inspired engagement ring is the jewelry you always wanted but didn’t know you could have.

These rings are unique in that they feature imaginative elements based on the world around us. Think leaf-shaped prongs holding up a conflict-free diamond, tiny clusters of rubies reminiscent of berries and meandering bands that look a lot like vines.

If You Love Feminine Things But Don’t Want to Get Too Frilly…

You need a twisted engagement ring.

Much of the focus during engagement ring shopping is on the stones you choose. Shape, color, size, clarity — all these things are important, but how about giving the band some love? Twisted engagement rings are exquisitely elegant. Not only are they feminine, they also add visual interest to a part of the ring too often neglected.

There are many different styles of twisted rings. Some bands are solid until they split just before the center stone. Other bands are twisted all the way around the finger. This style (called a split-shank ring) may have intentional gaps, be tightly wound like a braid or have stones tucked into the twists for additional shimmer.

None of these styles feel quite right? Design your own engagement ring and you can combine the elements you love most with the gemstones that feel like they align with your personal aesthetic. The result is something completely unique and completely you.


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