Reese Witherspoon Knows Her Jewelry

The world of Hollywood is filled with a very large number of esteemed actresses who are very strong advocates for forward fashion thinking.  One of the most popular actresses of recent years is the multiple award winning starlet Reese Witherspoon.  While she started out with a lead role in the 1991 feature film The Man in the Moon, she has really grown into her skills as an actress and as a fashion icon over the many years that she has aged in front of the camera and through the eyes of the public.  It was ten years after the beginning of her career in feature films that her career really began to skyrocket though with the release of the box office hit movie Legally Blonde.  Then, the next year she released the movie Sweet Home Alabama which is still her most commercially successful film to date.  In addition to these high money making movies, she gained the role of June Carter Cash in Walk the Line which led to her winning an Academy Award, Screen Actors Guild Award, a Golden Globe, and a BAFTA.  With all her successes, she has quickly and easily become an icon for many young girls and woman all over the world—particularly those from small and rural areas like the one in which she was born and raised.  This fact means that everything about Reese has brought on attention, especially her personal style and fashion sense.

While she has always been classy in her selections of clothing whether she is on the street or on the red carpet, her jewelry choices are what really brings the most attention.  Reese truly feels that simplicity in beauty through classic pieces are the best way to go.  Pearls and diamonds are her favorite stones to wear though.  Pearl rings, earrings, and even bracelets frequently play a part in her daily wear no matter where she is.  If it is a really special occasion though, Reese likes to favor diamonds in the form of dangling diamond earrings, very long diamond necklaces, and even Diamonds By The Yard bracelets.  Yet, the fun does not stop there.  She also enjoys wearing nontraditional gemstones such opulent opal rings or richly red ruby earrings.  The main constant for her jewelry tends to lean heavily toward yellow gold while the rest in terms of design and style greatly varies depending on her mood, current trends, and the occasion.

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