✔ You’ve discussed your future together

No, i’m not talking about your  vacation next month! Yes, that’s important, but I mean your far as well as your near future. Has the topic of being together forever been discussed at all?  What happens when the two of you discuss your plans for the next 10 years from now- do you include each other in them? If yes, than that is a step in the right direction. If its still a question- hold off on proposing till some more confidence is reached on this topic. 


✔ They are aware of your ambitions

This goes hand and hand with discussing your future. Its important to make sure your aspirations don’t conflict, i.e. your 10 year plan doesn’t make it totally impossible for the two of you to stay together.  Your goals and aspirations should complement each other. If you want to travel the world before your 35 and you are not willing to give that up- make sure you have discussed that with your partner and hopefully they want to join you. Or if you want to change your career path- to perhaps something  in Medicine- make sure they are ready for the very rewarding but long journey of many years of schooling.


✔ Your friends are their friends

A  relationship can become very difficult when your friends do not appreciate or like your partner.  It is a terrible feeling to have to spend your life choosing between them. If your friends have given them the thumbs-up, you can rest easy. However if your friends have expressed displeasure with your significant other, it may be a sign to step on the breaks- try and work it out.


✔ You’re aware of each others  finances

This may be a touchy subject, and one that many might think is materialistic to consider. But, in actuality, its very important. You want to avoid, those “you owe how much in student loans” moments at all costs… at least be aware of it and how the your merger of your lives will impact each other.

✔ You know they are in it for the right reasons

Sometimes in life, we get so wound up in fairy tails and dreams that we miss signs and signals that we should take as red flags. For instance, you think you are showing your affection by spoiling your loved one with endless gifts, but you may actually be feeding into their emotional insecurities and need for materialistic goods. They may be falling in love with your gifts not you. Furthermore, they may continue to depend on materialistic satisfaction for your entire relationship which could put a lot of strain on it. Gifts, are always good just remember to not fix problems with gifts, open discussions and true emotional connection is key to a successful marriage. Of course, you should still exchange gifts on birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, and special occasions. But, just be careful no one wants to get stuck with a gold digger.

After you’ve gone through this checklist, and the majority are yes. I think its safe to say you are ready. At the end of the day, realize, when you know, you just know! Make sure to visit Allurez for your engagement ring and for all your future gift exchanges between you and your future spouse. 

We wish you all the best!




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