Perfecting the Perfect Moment – Engagement Rings You Can Design Your Own Way!

That special day-your Engagement- is round the corner and you can’t figure out the way to make it more special. How about designing your own ring, the way you like it? Let the flash and glitter be all yours on that very special occasion when you already have the attention of one and all.

While designing your ring could be thrilling, there is more to it that you would appreciate. It can be lighter on the pocket (because you would be designing it keeping in mind your budget and the price tag of the commodities required for it), it can have the engagement rings design of your own that best defines you, and the memories of something special that would remain with you forever.

Design your own engagement ring but with caution.  If it is an expensive piece in diamond, gold or emerald, you should be aware of its maintenance. These gems require special care as they are likely to lose the bling, if not taken good care of. It is best to go to a store and find out which gemstone requires what kind of care. You can also verify the prices and the cut to make a quick and perfect decision while designing your ring.

If you wish to flaunt a bold rock on your middle finger and that suits your personality, go for it. It can be expensive, but remember this is for lifetime. If small and chic is what you are looking for, collect designs from the internet or catalogues and design one. Ensure that whatever you choose should go with the trend. The red carpet showbiz and the jewelry exhibitions can give you an idea of the latest trends.

However, it goes without saying, anything classic or archaic has its own value and appeal. If you are wearing something that your grand mum wore on her wedding, think no further. However, you can polish it so that the love of your elders and the quality of the piece reflects in its glitter. If it is too archaic for your style, you can use it as a part of an ensemble that you have designed for your wedding. That way, both sentiments and trends get their space.

A design for your wedding ring can be perfected if it has the efforts of both you and your partner. Sit together and budget what is the best possibility for both of you. Accordingly, create your own engagement ring, choosing a design of your choice. After all, it’s the love that matters.

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