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Jewelry That Is Worth the Splurge, According to Experts

Diamond 25mm Round Skinny Hoop Earrings 14K Yellow Gold from Allurez.

Everyone’s heard of investment pieces. Sometimes they’re shoes, artwork, cars, antiques or even homes. They’re called investments because they hold their value over time and — hopefully — go up in value as time goes on.

Our interest is in investment jewelry pieces. Something we can wear now and enjoy to spice up our wardrobe, but which will also be worth (more) something down the line. Granted, a lot of times such jewelry is a splurge and it might be hard to stomach the price tag. But if you’ll wear it a lot and hold on to it for years to come, isn’t it worth it?

“I tend to splurge on items I know I’ll get my money’s worth for,” Alyssa Coscarelli, a brand consultant and fashion influencer, told CNN. “And sometimes, if I can easily picture in my head three or four ways to style an investment piece or multiple situations where I know I’d wear it, I can justify it that much more.”

Stylist Cassandra Dittmer said that when she’s considering splurging on a piece of jewelry, a brand’s name on the price tag is just as important as the item itself. She explained, “I can assure you that an expensive price tag and a brand name may not always be worth the investment. I look for investment pieces that complement and enhance my current wardrobe, but I also carefully consider brand ethos and production practices before splurging on an item.”

“For me, a splurge-worthy item comes down to its wearability,” admitted Cortne Bonilla, an editor at The Cut. “I always ask myself: Can I wear this with a few different silhouettes? Can I transition this from season to season? If the answer is ‘yes,’ then I know it’s a smart purchase.”

According to jewelry experts cited by CNN, some pieces of jewelry are indeed worth the splurge:


Freshwater Cultured Pearl Drop Earrings in 14K White Gold from Allurez.

Tahitian Cultured Pearl Starfish Pendant w/ Pink Sapphires 14k Yellow from Allurez.

“Pearls are a classic staple, but for a modern take, opt for something other than your standard studs or strand,” said Aemilia Madden, senior fashion editor at The Zoe Report.

“I love the look of a freshwater pearl earring, especially with a crisp white shirt,” said editor and influencer Christina Grasso.

The Duchess of Cambridge was recently spotted in May wearing a pair of mini gold hoop earrings with detachable pearls, a perfect day to night earring that is enough of a statement to wear with formal outfits but subtle enough for everyday use as well.

Gold bracelet

T Shape Cuff Bangle Bracelet 14k Yellow Gold from Allurez.

“This is another go-to of mine for everyday wear,” said Bonilla. “It can be dressed up or down, and worn by itself or layered with other gold staples. You can never go wrong with a slender gold bracelet.”

Gold hoop earrings

Large Open Hoop Earrings 14k Yellow Gold from Allurez.

“I think a trusty pair of gold hoops are a must for everyday wear,” said Grasso.

Long gold chain

Handmade Elongated Paperclip Link Chain Necklace 14k Yellow Gold from Allurez.

Gemstone jewelry

Emerald & Diamond Clover Earrings in 14K White Gold (0.90ct) from Allurez.

Ruby & Diamond Right Hand Flower Shaped Ring 14k White Gold (0.55ct) from Allurez.

“Not all investment jewelry has to be serious; colorful pieces can instantly dress up a casual outfit,” said Madden.


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