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Diamond 25mm Round Skinny Hoop Earrings 14K Yellow Gold from Allurez. Category 2

Everyone’s heard of investment pieces. Sometimes they’re shoes, artwork, cars, antiques or even homes. They’re called investments because they hold their value over time and — hopefully — go up in value as time goes on. Our interest is in investment jewelry pieces. Something we can wear now and enjoy to spice up our wardrobe, but which will also be worth (more) something down the...

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How to Self-Clean Your Jewelry at Home Jewelry Tips

As the world combats the coronavirus pandemic people are focusing more and more on hygiene to prevent the spread of germs, but the truth is that most people overlook the kind of bacteria that can settle on jewelry that is not cleaned properly. In reality, the jewelry we wear comes in contact with everything our hands and bodies come in contact with, including germs and...

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Jewelry Tips

It’s shiny, it’s precious and you love it. Gold is a soft, malleable, precious metal that’s been used since the dawn of history for coinage, jewelry, and more recently, for industrial uses like electric wiring and dentistry. The allure and mystery of gold continues to this day. Gold earrings, rings, bracelets, necklaces (chains) and pendants continue to be worn by women throughout the world. Gold...

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