Oscar Stars Put on the Shine

Everyone in the realm of movies works outstandingly hard to make every single film the best that it can be—even if the best of a certain movie is not necessarily the best when compared to another movie. This type of classification in the movie industry is extremely common. However, it is not just the Hollywood big wigs and important people that have this job of judging a movie upon its release since everyday people are constantly giving their personal opinions on whatever films are released. In fact, even just the viewing of a movie trailer can make individuals believe that they are the world’s top critics. The frequent judging of overall product and quality means that the film industry is a pretty cut throat place and definitely is in need of some good press and good feelings for jobs that are well done. Therefore, when it comes to the world of Hollywood, making sure that the proper people get a well-deserved pat on the back is a very high priority. All of the numerous awards shows that feature red carpet galas are the final evidence of this principle. Yet, the cream of the crop for these outward presentations of prestige and trends has to be the Oscars.

The Academy Awards (more commonly known as the Oscars because of the statuette figures which represent the actual award itself) has become one of the greatest shows in the world for its prestige, its overall entertainment value, and of course its high class fashion concepts in terms of the red carpet pre-show. Watching parties for the pre-show at the Oscars has become a strongly held tradition that sometimes even rivals the show itself. The clothing selections make up many of the best and worst dressed lists that follow the evening’s festivities. However, a great many of the people who casually watch and even the stars themselves forget that jewelry accessories are just as important. For this past Oscars in 2012, diamonds were king as is normally the case. Diamond jewelry is the classic and always tasteful selection for celebrities who want to focus on an overall look rather than one particular item. Yet, there are still stars who want to hone in on their love a special piece of jewelry—which is where sapphires can be great. The bright blast of color provided by a blue sapphire ring pulls things together without being overbearing. Meanwhile, a pink sapphire band can really steal the show with its truly unique pink shine. The pink sapphire ring is always seen as a fun and flirty way to show off luxury and fashion at the same time.

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