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Many of us are blessed by a loved one, alive or deceased, with the gift of their engagement ring. It is incredibly touching to be able to pass diamond heirlooms down from generation to generation. These cherished pieces often hold a great deal of sentimental value, however, we don’t blame you if grandmother’s style was not exactly what you were looking for.

Don’t worry we can help!


Stone Reset by Allurez is the perfect way to transform your old settings or stones into stunning new jewelry designs! In fact, almost every single engagement ring on our website can be set with your stone.

Here is how it works:

  1. On the Allurez website you will be able to fill out a detailed form including: stone type, shape, size and millimeter dimensions. You will also have the option to upload images.
  2. Choose what type of materials you want to use for your new custom piece. You can select from metals including: white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, silver, platinum, palladium, or other for anything else you had in mind. You also have the option to select the use of additional stones.
  3. Select your price range.
  4. Provide any and all additional information you would like us to know.
  5. You will be contacted by an Allurez representative to discuss your stone reset.
  6. Send us your old piece or stone to Allurez.
  7. Receive your transformed ring back via mail, and be amPicture1azed by your new modern-day piece!

We know how important your heirloom jewelry is and the sentimental value which it holds. We thank you for trusting us to make your dreams come true and helping you to create a piece that will surpass anything you could have even imagined.

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