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A Guide to Solitaire Engagement Rings

Is it time to pop the question? Before bending down on one knee, you must find the perfect ring! With thousands of engagement ring designs, finding one that communicates your love and commitment can seem overwhelming. Few styles embody timeless sophistication, quite like the solitaire engagement ring. This iconic design, characterized by its singular focus on a dazzling central gemstone, stands as a symbol of enduring love and classic elegance.

What is a Solitaire Engagement Ring?

A solitaire engagement ring is a classic choice, featuring a single diamond set prominently on a simple band. The term “solitaire” is derived from the French word for alone, emphasizing the focus on a central gem. This design is all about simplicity, letting the beauty and brilliance of the central diamond take center stage. The diamond is secured with four prongs or a bezel setting, minimizing the amount of metal around the stone and enhancing the overall sparkle and brilliance of the ring. Solitaire engagement rings are a sophisticated option, offering a timeless and refined look that goes beyond passing trends.

Benefits of a Solitaire Engagement Ring

  1. Versatility – The entire focus of a solitaire engagement ring is on the center diamond. The simple aesthetic makes it easier to style with a wedding band and looks stunning with any outfit. 
  2. Timeless – Considered the most traditional engagement ring design, solitaire rings are always on trend. Its simple elegance makes it a staple in wedding jewelry collections.
  3. Works With All Diamond Shapes – Diamonds are available in several shapes: round, princess, oval, marquis, pear, cushion, emerald, and asscher. Solitaire engagement rings are one of the only ring settings that can accommodate any shaped stone.
  4. Easy to Clean – The simplicity of a solitaire engagement ring makes it easy to clean and maintain. 
  5. Customizable – There are several ways to make a solitaire engagement ring unique. First, consider the metal finish and diamond shape. Then, explore personalization options like engraving the inside of the ring band.
  6. Budget-Friendly – The cost of a solitaire engagement ring varies based on the type of metal the band is made out of and the size, cut, and clarity of the diamond. These rings are available at a wide range of price points, so regardless of your budget, there is a perfect solitaire engagement ring!

Popular Solitaire Engagement Rings

Classic 4-Prong Solitaire Engagement Ring

classic 4-prong solitaire diamond engagement ring

Round diamonds exude the most sparkle and brilliance, so if you want a ring that catches the eye of everyone you walk past, this piece is perfect! The classic 4-prong setting is secure and allows tons of light to pass through, making each facet of the diamond shine bright. Select a metal band color based on your bride-to-be’s style preference and a diamond that fits your budget. A 4-prong solitaire engagement ring is a top choice for anyone who wants a sophisticated look surpassing trends.

Diamond Accented Solitaire Engagement Ring

diamond accented solitaire engagement ring

This gorgeous engagement ring features a larger diamond set on a band embedded with smaller diamonds. The additional stones elevate the traditional look of a solitaire engagement ring. Pick this design for a bride who wants a timeless ring with a little extra glam.

Solitaire Twisted Engagement Ring

twisted band solitaire engagement ring

This engagement ring is a unique take on the classic solitaire setting and has a beautiful profile. The center diamond can be any shape or size. Each side of the band splits and twists, creating an artful platform. The twisted design leaves large open spaces at the base of the diamond, allowing plenty of light to flow through the ring and highlighting the brilliance of the stone. From the side of the ring, you can see the entire diamond. This twisted solitaire engagement ring is elegant, sophisticated, and timeless.

Solitaire Engagement Rings Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best shape for a solitaire engagement ring?

Round-cut diamonds are the traditional choice for a solitaire engagement ring. Round diamonds reflect light from every angle, making them a dazzling and stunning choice for an engagement ring.

How do you make a solitaire engagement ring unique?

Keep the classic look of a solitaire engagement ring, but add a flair of personalization with these unique design ideas: engrave the band, set smaller stones along the band, and add detailing to the metal.

Which solitaire shape looks bigger?

Longer-shaped diamonds, such as oval, marquis, and pear, give the illusion of a larger stone despite their actual carat size. If you want a solitaire engagement ring to look as big as possible, select a diamond shape with lots of mass that extends down the finger.

Allurez offers a curated selection of solitaire engagement rings, each meticulously crafted to highlight the inherent brilliance of the chosen diamond. The diverse styles and customization options cater to individual preferences, ensuring each ring embodies a personal love story. Whether you opt for a classic round-cut diamond and 4-prong setting or choose a distinct band design, Allurez’s collection of hand-crafted solitaire engagement rings encourages couples to express their love in a way that is as unique as their relationship.


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