Top 20 Most Popular Engagement Ring Styles

Top 20 Most Popular Engagement Rings

a man holds a red velvet box with an engagement ring inside

Getting the perfect engagement ring is about more than spending a lot of money or getting the biggest stone. Like any gift, what really matters is showing you understand the person you’re giving it to. Here’s a selection of 20 of the most popular engagement rings to help you find the right ring for your one-and-only.

1. Infinity Engagement Rings

an infinity engagement ring

Engagement rings are all about permanence; billion-year-old diamonds and gold that will outlive our solar system represent the forever nature of love. The infinity symbol doubles down on that symbolism while adding beautiful ornamentation to the ring. Choose from a variety of precious stones to adorn the figure eights and complement the center stone set between them.

2. Square Halo Diamond

a square diamond engagement ring

This ring knows what’s important: the big, beautiful rock sparkling on your lover’s hand. The diamond haloed with side stones is an unashamed centerpiece. This ring shouts your love from the rooftops. Style it and make it even more eye-catching with your choice from a selection of precious metals. You can also choose what cut of stone you would like set inside the square of side stones.

3. Butterfly Ring

a butterfly diamond engagement ring

Butterflies are the jewels of the animal kingdom, so their cast effigy makes the perfect theme for an engagement ring. The butterfly designs genuflecting toward the center stone are inlaid with diamonds and your choice of precious stone. The love and commitment this artful ring demonstrates will certainly leave its recipient with that aptly named fluttering sensation in the tummy.

4. Twisted Infinity Ring

a twisted-infinity-engagement-ring

Evoke the power of mathematical language to express your otherwise inexpressible love with a twisted infinity ring. The engagement ring features two lemniscates that appear to merge into the center stone, which is encompassed by a circle of accent stones. The wedding band in this set is an elegant variation of the infinity theme and contours perfectly around the engagement ring, adding another layer of diamond accents.

5. Diamond Marquise Vine Leaf

a diamond marquise vine leaf engagement ring

This tasteful ring captures the elegance of nature with a band that weaves like vines and invokes Celtic and art nouveau design. The classic and romantic marquise stones are used as the leaves on the vine, gently leading your eye up to the center stone. The center stone of your choosing is set with prongs that make it almost look like the vines are presenting the stone.

6. Cathedral Pave Diamond

a cathedral pave diamond engagement ring

The cathedral pave diamond engagement ring is classic but modern. The ten accent stones set into the band add to the beauty of the ring without drawing attention away from the center stone. You can choose from a selection of stone cuts for the center stone and precious metals for the band.

7. Diamond & Pear Blue Sapphire

a diamond and pear blue sapphire engagement ring

The center stone of the engagement ring is supported with a pear cut sapphire on either side, giving it the appearance of blossoming out of the band. Make your own mark on this engagement ring by choosing other precious stones such as garnet or topaz. Consider using your lover’s birthstone or favorite color to add an intimacy and more meaning to the ring.

8. Tension Set Swirl Solitaire

tension set swirl engagement ring

This is the ring for someone elegant, sophisticated and brilliant. The deceptively minimalistic design makes this ring stand out. It makes your partner’s hand an art gallery. This ring is set with a circle cut stone using the tension of the band. You can choose from a variety of stones for the center, and if you would like a different cut, we have other tension set rings designed for other stone shapes.

9. Square Double Halo Diamond

a square double halo diamond engagement ring

With two square halos of accent stones, this engagement ring feels like something you find in a dragon’s hoard or have to go on an epic quest to win. And it will make your significant other see you as that fantasy hero too. The support stems holding the halos and center create an ornate crown-like base, and the accompanying wedding band contours to sit just above the outer halo.

10. Infinity Diamond

an infinity diamond engagement ring

This engagement ring set features a band of connected infinity symbols that create a twisted helix. Accent stones decorate the engagement ring along the infinity symbols, leaving an empty section at the bottom that lets the ring be resized. The matching wedding band complements the engagement ring by nesting perfectly into the design.

11. Pear Three Stone Blue Sapphire

a pear three stone blue sapphire

Your soon-to-be fiance will love this classy ring. The three-stone design does away with distractions to keep focus on the main event. You can choose from a variety of precious stones for the pear-cut accents, including an assortment of gemstones in various colors. And you can customize the center stone — both the cut and type of stone — for a ring that’s exactly what your lover is dreaming of.

12. Diamond Infinity Halo

a diamond infinity halo engagement ring

Combine the symbolism of infinity rings with the impact of halo rings with an infinity halo ring set. The halo is actually made out of two overlapping infinity signs, so the center stone seems to pop out of the symbol. The band is studded with 52 circle stones on the top half.

13. Antique Diamond & Amethyst

an antique diamond and amethyst engagement ring

Capture the charm of something old with an antique style ring. The band features an ornate pattern created with stones and embossing in the metal itself. Choose from a variety of accent stones that are set in the band pattern. The antique diamond ring is perfect for creating a new family heirloom.

14. Halo Diamond Engagement & Wedding Rings

a halo diamond engagement and wedding ring

With 98 stones circling the center stone, outlining the band and decorating the setting stems, this ring inspires the image of a sun soaked beach or starry night. The engagement ring has a twisted helix shape that’s contoured by the wedding band counterpart. The center stone’s type and cut are customizable, and you can choose from six metals for the band.

15. Solitaire Bypass Diamond

a solitaire bypass diamond ring

This ring features a beautiful spiraling shape that makes the center stone look like the eye of a storm. The band appears to split and weave over itself, with one piece studded to create contrast. This ring is perfect for an artsy, aesthetically-minded person. It has a similar look to the tension set swirl ring but is a prong set, so it could be a good alternative if you want a swirl style ring with a different stone.

16. Antique Diamond Wedding & Engagement Ring Set


If you love the idea of proposing with a passed-down ring but don’t actually have a family heirloom to offer, consider an antique style ring set. It provides the aesthetic of a beautiful relic with the benefits of modern materials and customization options. Consider pairing this ring with the gift of an antique styled jewelry box.

17. Princess Cut Tension Set

a princess cut tension engagement ring

Princess stones come in a square cut that’s one of the most brilliant and interesting options, with light refracting into infinite fragments and patterns. The princess cut tension ring lets this sparkly stone take center stage. You can choose from a selection of center stone options, each with its own personality and effect. Learn more about gemstone buying to help you choose the best option.

18. Petite Marquise Diamond

a petite marquise diamond engagement ring

The marquise cut is an elegant and dainty shape, and small size makes them even more so. This ring is the perfect balance of ornate and understated, and a good option for someone who prefers thinner rings. The marquise accent stones are outlined with small circle stones.

19. Three-Stone Amethyst & Diamond

a three-stone amethyst and diamond engagement ring

The arrangement of the three stones on this engagement ring creates a firework-like effect. You can choose a different stone for the accents and center as well as customize this option with a different cut for the center stone. If you want a different cut for the accent stones, take a look at our other three stone-rings, like this ring with square-cut accents.

20. Princess Cut Diamond & Amethyst

a princess cut diamond and amethyst engagement ring

This engagement ring uses the square princess cut to create a checkerboard pattern that’s mirrored on the accompanying wedding band. You can choose between a variety of stone combinations for the accent design.

Don’t see a ring that screams forever love or romantic proposal to you? Don’t worry, we’ve got plenty more options. Visit our engagement ring page to browse by design, stone and many other factors.


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