Non-Diamond Engagement Rings

Let’s face it; diamonds are not always a  girls’ best friend. There are some ladies who are crazy about non-diamond engagement rings. This is not because the non-diamond engagement rings are inexpensive but could be more gorgeous than the hardest metal. They are not a part of trendy fashion but have been in use from the ancient era.

A wider variety of non-diamond engagement rings make it easier for you to take the right pick. The couples who are deviating from diamond to go with other alternatives might find semi precious gemstones a great choice for their purpose. Ruby, emerald, sapphire, moisanite have their own charm to grace up the ring finger and add elegance to the engagement occasion as a whole. These gemstones are brightly colored and have classy appeal to woo your beloved. Furthermore, you can design your own engagement ring with her to add a personal touch to the finger accessory.

Amazing fact is that every stone represents different symbolism. Before making a choice, know about the symbolism so that the ring rightly matches the persona and values of your fiancé. Aquamarine encourages one to love his beloved in times of troubles. Rubies are believed to stimulate love and will make an ideal piece if your lady luck is an open-hearted personality. Sapphire keeps one’s mind crystal clean while topaz helps in wiping away worries.

Moisanite is an inexpensive alternative to diamond. The couples who love diamond but can’t go for it due to its high price may find moisanite a great choice to flaunt off radiance within their limited budget. Moisanite is an artificial sibling of diamond and produced in the lab. Due to high refraction of light, it shines more brilliantly than diamond and is as durable as the original metal. Gold glamor is never to vanish and so always makes an appeal to the to-be engaged couples. Platinum, also known as white gold is also a piece of beauty and who doesn’t know that beauty is forever?

Celtic engagement ring is getting favor from the gen Y. These rings look equally stunning with or without stone at the center. However, it is better to go without stone as it might outshine the ornate patterns and knots the rings have. Whatever gemstone you choose for your engagement ceremony, make sure to take care of quality. You can apply the four C’s guideline to check for quality. It is also important that you buy your gemstone engagement ring from a reputable store to get variety and be sure of quality as well.

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