The Secret of the Tsavorite Garnet


tsavoriteEver wonder where the famous tsavorite got its name from? Tsavorite was discovered in the 1960s by a British geologist named Campbell R. Bridges in Tanzania. He stumbled upon this gem along the border of Tanzania and Kenya in Tsavo National Park. Because of the gemstone’s origin the proposed name of “tsavorite”, pronounced [tsah-vuh-rahyt, sah-], was formulated to identify this newly found gem.

What is the meaning behind the tsavorite garnet? The tsavorite is known to be a stone of manifestation, success, strength, and compassion. It helps one find the inner beauty within themselves and others. It is believed that this garnet stone guides the beholder to their true destiny

The natural beauty of the green garnet stone. This garnet stone is known for its distinct vivid green color. The color range can be from a vibrant yellow green to a shade of dark grass-like green. Treatment of the tsavorite is an all-natural process in order to enhance its color and clarity. The organic looking tsavorite brings a unique characteristic to any jewelry ensemble.

Tsavorites & Jewelry. Tsavorites compliment all different types of fine jewelry. You are likely to see this beautiful gemstone gracing its presence among ring bands, garnet necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. The tsavorite is frequently paired with diamonds to give a contemporary look and extra sparkle to these types of jewelry. Many styles of rings feature tsavorites, which include eternity rings, stackable rings, anniversary bands, and solitaire rings. A tsavorite ring is usually set in a channel, prong, or a bezel setting to fully show off the natural beauty of this gemstone.

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