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August’s birthstone is the magnificent Peridot. Peridot has been mined for over 4,000 years and is even spoken of in in the old testament. The peridot gemstone was worn and loved by Egyptians, and was known as the gem of the sun. Thought to ward off evil spirits, this lovely pale green precious stone does not disappoint when set in a unique piece of jewelry. You can easily find yourself or a gift for someone else a magnificent Peridot piece on our Birthstone Jewelry tab.

Halo Oval Peridot & Diamond Pendant Necklace 14k Yellow Gold (0.55ctw)

It is believed that powerful volcanoes are what help form Peridot. Miners used to look for Peridot at night because they believed that the moon’s light made the Peridot crystals easier to spot. Yet, peridot, like the month it represents, is in fact sun-shine filled, brimming with a lovely green shade.

Cushion-Cut Peridot & Diamond Cocktail Ring 14k White Gold (3.70cttw)

Peridot is also known for its mysticism and magic. It is thought to bring love, truth, faithfulness, and loyalty to those who wear it.

Peridot & Diamond Solitaire Pendant 14k White Gold (1.40tcw)

Peridot makes a heartfelt, personal gift. Find the prized piece of Peridot jewelry that perfectly suites your loved one by clicking here.


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