Allurez’s Double Halo Diamond ans Moissanite Engagement Ring in 14K White Gold.

Once you’ve found the right girl and you’ve gotten the perfect engagement ring for the proposal, the next question that usually pops into a guy’s head is: Where should I do it? You want it to be perfect and memorable because it’ll only happen once (hopefully). The nerves start kicking in so you try to come up with all these ideas of fun, surprising and romantic ways to pop the question. Well here are some tips and ideas to make the marriage proposal that much more special:

Take your loved one somewhere that holds a special significance to you both. Maybe where you had your first date, your most memorable date or somewhere you’ve always talked about going but never had a chance to. Reminisce a bit about all the good times and the love you share before getting down on one knee and asking the big question.

Women (majority of them, at least) love romance so set the mood with candles, a dimly lit setting, music in the background (live is always better but hey, a recording works well too). For a romantic marriage proposal flowers are always a nice touch too. You can’t go wrong with a trail of roses or a nice bouquet of her favorite flowers. It’ll show her at you put some thought into this moment, and that you made an effort to make it memorable.

Sometimes simple is best. Another proposal idea is to organize a picnic at the beautiful location and take the ring out with the dessert – or better yet, have the ring inside the dessert! Write “Will You Marry Me?” in the sand at a beach, or even in the snow. You can also take her ice skating and ask her while on the rink. If you take her to restaurant for dinner, you can even have it written on her dessert place with chocolate sauce. It’s sometimes worth asking the restaurant ahead of time the best way to propose at their location, they may have ideas that you haven’t even thought of!

Make the proposal unique to your relationship. If you enjoy plays games, then pop the question as part of a scavenger hunt or trivia game. If you love the Christmas holiday season, wrap the ring as a Christmas present and place it under the tree, or better yet hang it as an ornament on the tree. The same goes for other holidays. If she’s the artsy type, a unique proposal idea would be to get a caricaturist to draw a picture of her and write on the bottom “Will You Marry Me?” Maybe even check her favorite gallery or art studio and see if they would agree to hang a piece of work that says “Will You Marry Me?” on it with her name.

Assuming the weather cooperates, a outdoor proposal is always nice. Take her to a beautiful garden, park or somewhere serene with a breathtaking view. Propose while riding a hot air balloon, walking on the beach, after a nice hike or watching the sunset. Your outdoor options are endless and bound to make an impression on your loved one.

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