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Sentimental jewelry isn’t always cheesy — if it’s done right.

Whether you’re single or in a relationship, have plans to get dressed up and go out or stay home and be cozy, Valentine’s Day is a great excuse to wear something “love” inspired. Every other day of the year you might feel awkward walking around town wearing bold red or pink outfit that has lips and hearts all over it. Well, not on Valentine’s Day!

February 14 is a day to celebrate love and for you that might mean getting a manicure with heart designs, baking heart-shaped desserts, or wearing a nice piece of heart-shaped jewelry. And even if you’re not buying one for yourself,  you can always gift it to a significant other, parent, sibling or even a friend. Valentine’s Day is also a popular day for engagements.

As much as sweets like chocolates and pink frosted cupcakes are a popular Valentine’s Day gift, jewelry is a traditional gift for the holiday as well. A 2021 Valentine’s Day survey conducted by even revealed that flowers and jewelry were tied as the second most popular gift options for February 14 after chocolate and candy.

Why is jewelry a perfect gift for Valentine’s Day? explained: “Jewelry has a distinct advantage over roses, chocolate, and champagne because there’s truly a piece that works for everyone, no matter their taste, vibe, and lifestyle. The absolute plethora of options, from cute and flirty inexpensive baubles to more grand and glamorous investment pieces or heirloom-quality jewels to be passed down through generations, makes jewelry a versatile and thoughtful gift for any Valentine.”

How did it start?

The historical roots of Valentine’s Day remain unclear until this day. According to Teen Vogue, some believe it started with Lupercalia, a Roman pagan fertility festival from February 13-15, while others think it’s related to “Roman emperor Claudius II’s execution of several men named Valentine on February 14.” The holiday is later mentioned in the Middle Ages in Chaucer’s poem “Parliament of Fowls” and in Shakespeare’s “Hamlet,” which refers to lovers meeting on St. Valentine’s Day.

“We’re always looking for the origins of things, but we attach that mention in Chaucer to the current history of Valentine’s Day because [people were specifically] looking for origins [in the 19th century] — not necessarily because there’s a consistent celebration over that period of time,” said Elizabeth White Nelson, an associate professor of history at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas and author of “Market Sentiments: Middle-Class Market Culture in 19th-Century America,” as cited by Teen Vogue. Her research focuses on “consumerism surrounding holidays,” according to the publication.

“Saints’ days are often merged with pagan holidays…, so it’s very possible that Lupercalia turns into another fertility holiday that somehow gets associated with St. Valentine, and over a period of time, all those associations stay connected and mean something to people. But,” Nelson added, “I don’t know of anyone who has gone back to that early period of Christian history and really affirmed that story, so I’m a little skeptical whether it’s true. It serves a purpose, rather than being verifiable.”

Here are some jewelry gift options to help you with your Valentine’s Day shopping.

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