The Height of Luxury: Diamonds by the Yard

When it comes to wowing friends, family, acquaintances, coworkers, or quite frankly anyone who sees you passing by, a piece of Diamonds by the Yard jewelry is able to accomplish the large feat of stopping people in their tracks without being too flashy to the point where it can be seen as tacky or overbearing.  What is this type of personal adorment you may ask?  Basically, it is the creation of a string of diamonds that is used to create necklaces and bracelets with elegance and luxury.  A station setting is created to hold the tiny diamonds in place which are then strung onto a chain of precious metal—such as silver, yellow gold, white gold, or even platinum on occasion.  The specialized station setting is made strictly for the purposes of holding the diamonds perfectly against the chain without revealing itself so that it simply looks like a pure rope of glittering gems.  It also provides a second name to this type of glittering adornment which is diamond station jewelry.

A Diamonds by the Yard necklace is generally the first item that people buy when getting into this particular variety of jewelry.  It looks very alluring and has a way of highlighting the best features of your upper body with its sparkling aura, in particular drawing attention to your neck and even certain hairstyle as well.  The fact that a diamond station necklace has really taken the deluxe designer jewelery world by storm is enough to pronounce its greatness to all the jewelry consumers out there.  However, do not count out a Diamonds by the Yard bracelet to perfectly complement your necklace.  The glittering wonder of a diamond station bracelet adds an element of class and grace by making your hands appear smoother and more delicate.  If you love a little color, do not feel left out as most of these diamond ropes come complete with special gemstone made beads, charms, or centerpieces at regular intervals to make the color come alive against the background of diamonds.  Enjoy!

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