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9 Reasons Why Personalized Jewelry Is the Perfect Mother’s Day Gift

A mother is she who can take the place of all others but whose place no one else can take.” — Cardinal Mermillod

Ahh, Mother’s Day. It’s time to celebrate the person who gave you life — or who gave you your children — but it’s not always easy to choose a gift that says exactly what you want it to say. This year, let jewelry do all the talking with these 11 pieces that are perfect for the one woman you can never thank enough.

1. Stud Earrings

Simple. Classic. Stunning. Stud earrings are a wardrobe staple, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t always room for a second (or third or fourth) pair — especially when there are so many options in terms of metals, stones and overall design. A round solitaire stud can easily transition from day to night, while halo earrings add an extra layer of glitz. Pear-shaped stones ooze luxury, almost guaranteeing your mom will let out a gasp when she unwraps her present Mother’s Day morning.

2. Eternity Bands

A ring isn’t necessarily the first gift that springs to mind when you’re thinking about Mother’s Day, but not all presents are chosen by the kids. If you’re a spouse or partner looking to spoil the mother of your children, an eternity band could be just what you need to leave a lasting impression. Eternity bands feature an unending line of stones that travels all the way around the band. Because you can’t tell where the ring begins or ends, it serves as a touching reminder of the eternal love that symbolizes a romantic relationship or parenthood.

3. Birthstone Jewelry

Buying birthstone jewelry as a Mother’s Day gift ticks a lot of boxes. It’s personal, beautiful and shows you’ve been paying attention. Whether your mom was born in January and would love a garnet ring or celebrates her birthday in June (a pair of pearl earrings, perhaps), there’s something gorgeous that honors her origin story yet still suits everyday wear.

4. Zodiac Jewelry

Zodiac-themed jewelry is similar to birthstone pieces in terms of sentiment, but the style and actual designs are much more specific. Zodiac necklaces feature pendants shaped like astrological signs. Some are embellished with channel-set diamonds while others use a simple disk motif for a classic look that’s more subtle. Then there are zodiac rings, with little twinkling stars marking the shape of the appropriate constellation, and charming little bracelets with eye-catching zodiac coins sitting center stage.

There are tons of designs to choose from, ensuring you can stick to a zodiac theme but still speak to who your mom is at heart.

5. A Watch

For years, Mom’s been working hard to ensure you get to school on time and keeping an eye on the clock in case you dare to tiptoe in after curfew. It seems only natural to surprise her with a timepiece that’s the perfect combination of fashion and function. Today’s watches range from traditional to trendy, with sizes, styles and colors to suit every aesthetic. Two-tone bands are great for moms who like to wear both silver- and gold-toned jewelry, while bracelet watches adorned with decorative accents like mother of pearl give off an elegant, feminine vibe.

6. A Brooch or Pin

If your mom isn’t one to wear a lot of jewelry or tends to stick with the same few pieces she accumulated earlier on in life, there’s still an opportunity to get her a shiny new accessory she’ll actually use. A simple, yet elegant brooch or pin can be worn many ways:

  • Stuck through her shirt collar or jacket lapel
  • Used to fasten a silk scarf around her neck or head
  • Added to a knit bag for an extra bit of glam
  • Decorating a wide-brimmed hat or knit cap
  • Clipped onto a sweater or cardigan
  • Attached to a belt to liven up the waistline of a sheath dress

7. A Locket

Giving a locket as a Mother’s Day gift is like presenting your mom with two surprises in one. First, she unwraps the jewelry box. Then she gets to open the locket itself to discover what you’ve tucked away inside. Lockets come in an array of styles. There are lockets that are breathtaking in their simplicity, with clean lines and just a single diamond decorating the surface of a yellow or white gold heart or oval. Other versions feature colorful designs painted on the front or raised images of sunflowers or an Irish Claddagh that amplify the sentiment behind your surprise.

As for what you put inside the locket, that’s completely up to you. Your mom will appreciate almost anything, including a baby picture, a tiny folded up note or even a dried wildflower you plucked just for her.

8. Anklets

For those boho moms who love fine jewelry but want to infuse their collection with a little more fun, there are diamond anklets that elevate even the most casual summer sandals to exciting new heights. These delicate chains can seem downright dainty, which makes them look even more attractive draped along the curve of a woman’s foot. Whether worn with heels on date night or at the beach as she chases her little ones through the waves, the right anklet can help a fashion-forward mom feel treasured while still recognizing her preference for jewelry that’s a touch avant-garde.

9. Whimsical Gemstone Necklaces

Bring on the fun! For moms who like to accessorize outside the box, there are tons of playful pendants that are all about the more joyous aspects of fine jewelry. Think butterfly necklaces with wings made out of yellow marquise-cut diamonds, glittering horseshoes dotted with gems and puffed hearts and compasses in timeless black and white. These are the necklaces you select if you’re interested in honoring one of Mom’s favorite pastimes or a specific memory that reminds you of her.

10. Custom Designed Jewelry

What’s better than a gift so personalized no one else in the world has it? Custom designed jewelry is basically grown-up DIY gifting. Instead of turning clay into a soap dish or painting your mom a picture, you’re tweaking an expertly designed piece of jewelry to fit your mother’s personality. The process can be as simple as modifying a piece into something Mom will love, or you can go all out and submit your own design. You can even take an heirloom stone, perhaps your grandmother’s, and have it reset.

11. When in Doubt, Get Her a Gift Card

Opting for a gift card over a handpicked present may feel like giving up, but in reality, you’re choosing to put Mom’s preferences first. Some people are just naturally hard to buy for. They may have very particular tastes or have such far-ranging style that it’s nearly impossible to narrow down your options. While it’s the thought that counts, she can’t wear good intentions. Wrap up a gift card (or send a digital version) and your mom or the mother of your kids gets to pick out a piece she’s guaranteed to love. Less stress for you and a giant smile for her — that’s what we call a win-win scenario.

No matter what you get your mom, she’s sure to be thrilled. With a piece of jewelry nestled next to her homemade breakfast or tucked into a bouquet of her favorite flowers, you’ve wrapped up the very best thing possible: a wearable work of art made, chosen and given with love.

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