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Photo: Wikimedia Commons. Category 2 / Valentine's Day

Sentimental jewelry isn’t always cheesy — if it’s done right. Whether you’re single or in a relationship, have plans to get dressed up and go out or stay home and be cozy, Valentine’s Day is a great excuse to wear something “love” inspired. Every other day of the year you might feel awkward walking around town wearing bold red or pink outfit that has lips...

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Diamond Puffed Heart Pendant Necklace in 14k White Gold (1.30ctw). Valentine's Day

Chocolates and jewelry are classic Valentine’s Day gifts and while we could recommend a number of good chocolates to get your loved one, we prefer to focus on the bling bling part that will last you way longer than a box of yummy sweets. Valentine’s Day is about showing that special someone how much you care for them and there’s no better way to do...

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