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screen-shot-2016-10-25-at-10-44-46-amWhen it comes to pearls, most of us commonly speak of two main types:
freshwater and cultured. You might be wondering, which is better or what are the differences? Well look no further, we have all the answers for you, on how to pick the perfect pearls!


Which is Better?
This may come as a surprise to many but, actually Freshwater pearls are
cultured pearls! In fact, it is very rare to find a true natural pearl- most all modern pearls are cultured withscreen-shot-2016-10-25-at-10-38-16-amscreen-shot-2016-10-25-at-10-40-57-amscreen-shot-2016-10-25-at-10-55-16-am
the help of human intervention i.e. the culturing process.  The use of these descriptive terms as distincti
ons between these two common pearl types is due to common
trade terms that became short hand. “Cultured pearls” is usually referring to Akoya, Tahitian, or South Sea pearls which are cultured in saltwater. The two types are both “cultured pearls” but just cultured in different ways. Therefore, the two proper names when categorizing pearl types are actually freshwater and saltwater cultured pearls.

What is the Difference?

Freshwater pearls are mantle nucleated in fresh water.

Mantle Nucleated: A piece of the mantle of a mollusk is inserted into the another mollusk which results in the formation of a nacre which then develops into the “freshwater” pearl.

Akoya, Tahitian, or South Sear pearls are bead nucleated in saltwater.

Bead Nucleated: A small bead is inserted with the mantle tissue and the nacre forms around the bead.

624671fw_1Saltwater pearls are typically much more valuable than freshwater because of their higher shine, luster, and are overall usually more screen-shot-2016-10-25-at-10-21-42-amspherical. However, some people prefer the look of fresh water pearls over saltwater pearls and they are often sold at a slightly lower price point. We love both at Allurez! In fact, I personally have just about every type of jewelry from necklaces to earrings with both saltwater and freshwater pearls. These days, celebrities are seen rocking both types. We love looks by Emma Watson and Rihanna who were both recently seen wearing Freshwater White Round Pearl Double Pearl Studs. The choice is truly yours and based on your individual preference- and if you can’t choose…Go with both! You can never have too many pearls!

Allurez carries an amazing array of pearl jewelry to choose from, from pearl earrings, to diamond and pearl rings; Freshwater, Akoya, South Sea and Tahitian pearl jewelry to pink, gray or black pearls. Our selection of pearl jewelry is designed to fit the taste of even the most discerning women.

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